When You Think Of Security, Who Do You Call?

When You Think Of Security Who Do You Call ?

Consider this: your security isn’t only about someone keeping an eye on you or checking over your property. This is something I can assure you of. There is a lot of benefit in having security services on hand, but before you call for protection, ask yourself these questions.

  1. You’ve put in a lot of effort to obtain your property and possessions. Are you prepared to take the chance of losing everything in the blink of an eye?
  2. Your assets will define your financial future. Are you willing to put your future on the line?
  3. What is the most important thing to you? Who is in charge of safeguarding it? Is it sufficiently safe?
The most important question is: who can you trust to protect your best interests?
1)Highly Trained, Experienced, and Insured SIA Licensed Officers

We pride ourselves on having the most highly skilled and experienced team of SIA licensed officers in the UK. All our guards work with us full-time and are fully insured. We only employ those who have years of experience under their belt. Furthermore, each member of our team goes through a rigorous vetting process before they join our team. We treat our guards humanly, offer them competitive benefits, and provide them with continuous security training to ensure they always meet your needs.

Security officers serve as a visual and physical deterrent to criminal activity. Even one officer present will significantly cut crime rates and lessen the probability of an offender causing injury. When security officers discover someone causing disturbance on your property, they can swiftly intercept and stop the offender. A security guard’s primary role is to keep people safe. A security guard’s constant presence is often enough to deter crooks and avert incidents. People appreciate security guards’ presence, and making them feel at ease and safe may be rewarding.


Professional working dog teams are faster and more precise than any other ways in performing a variety of tasks. As a result, these teams are quite beneficial to your security demands.  Dogs are used to assist humans in many different situations. Our Handlers use dogs to help track down and apprehend suspected criminals.

Our canines have been bred and trained precisely to deal with break-ins. In many cases, the simple presence of a guard dog is enough to deter attempted break-ins. A protection dog will disable the intruder and hold them at bay until our dog handlers can take control of the situation. Our guard dogs, on the other hand, will continue to scour your property for any signs of illegal activity.

We provide best in class canine security services using highly-trained K9s and licensed dog handlers. Our professional handlers and canines have years of experience under their belt and can provide the highest quality of security protection for private clients and businesses. All our dog handlers have NTIPDU certifications, and our security dogs are fully trained to provide personal and property security protection.


Free consultations are available with our expert advisors. They are delighted to talk with you and advise you on which security requirements are most appropriate for your needs.


    Our alarm response service is quick and organised, allowing for instant danger reduction and resolution. Our staff are well-trained, and we enjoy good working ties with local law enforcement. Never expose anyone to potential danger.  Let our professionals handle it. We offer complete alarm response services in the United Kingdom for both business and residential properties. No matter what time or where you are, our SIA-licensed personnel can respond to your activated alarms and rush to your site. Retail stores, warehouses, industrial sites, corporate parks, offices, and other businesses are among the clients we serve. Metropolitan Security Services is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and provides countrywide coverage.

    4) Mobile Patrol

    Mobile security patrols are becoming a more popular and effective method of guarding business facilities since they provide the benefits of having a physical and responsive presence. Mobile patrols are always on the go, travelling throughout the site in search of odd activities. As a result, they are continually on the lookout for criminal activities on the premises and are prepared to intervene if necessary. Professional security guards that patrol an area at irregular intervals may considerably increase your security. This is due to the fact that criminals and offenders prefer to do their crimes when no one is there. Even if you aren’t on the premises, you can trust on the mobile patrol security professionals to keep an eye on things. All of our mobile security guards are SIA qualified, insured, and trained to handle any security issue, even tense situations. If an incident arises, you can be certain that our mobile patrol security services professionals are well trained to handle the situation quickly and effectively.

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