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Jeff Bothwell



A security management professional with over 35 years’ experience of managing the delivery of security services to clients across the UK. This experience extends to managing security companies with multi-million-pound turnover and over 250 employees. While serving as managing director and owner of BritSec Security, Jeff directed all operational aspects of the company while providing leadership to personnel and overseeing financial processes. Jeff has been an active member of the International Professional Security Association for 30 years, a relationship he is very proud of. Whilst working full time within the security industry throughout, Jeff developed his community initiatives further with the purchase of Harlow Town Football Club, where he served as Chief Executive Officer and majority shareholder for 16 years.


Metropolitan Security Services Limited is indeed a young, vibrant, forward-thinking company, which is directed by security professionals such as Jeff Bothwell. “I intend to utilise my skill set and experience, on my continuance to add value to Metropolitan, to ensure that the quality of service is continued to be provided and exceeded as past and present clients have enjoyed.” I am a very “hands-on” managing director. I am actively involved in all aspects of the company, from company operations, site surveys, client liaison, and the training of employees and their welfare. To find out more about me, Metropolitan, and the services we are proud to offer, please feel free to contact me directly by sending me a message. Specialties: security management, business management, business development, people management, budget management. SIA Training and employee welfare”.


“Perfection may be unattainable, but those who strive to achieve this will come far closer than those who accept the norm.”

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Digital Marketing Manager

A full-stack web developer, graphic designer, and qualified digital marketer. Currently, the digital marketing manager at Metropolitan Security Services Ltd., I am Patrick, the CEO and founder of, a marketing and advertising platform that helps companies develop professional online.


 I have more than 5 years of experience working with a wide range of businesses, creating, implementing, and organising online promotional strategies. Applying effective marketing strategies and techniques, I prioritize the responsibility of staying up to date with market trends and technology that might benefit the company. Metropolitan Security Services is unquestionably a young, vibrant, and forward-thinking company. I use my professional range of skills and experience to develop and improve the digital arm of Metropolitan, whilst ensuring that the quality and administration is to a continuous exceptional standard at all times.


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Pranee Bothwell - Nee

Team support leader

Since the conception of Metropolitan Security Services “Nee” has become the “go-to person” within our company. Our staff is much more than employees, they are integral part of Metropolitan, and represent the values we all stand for. Simply providing an assignment, training and a weekly wage is the absolute bare minimum a company can offer. We care about our employee’s, their families and their combined welfare.
As a company we are very proud to state that our staff turnover is surprisingly low for the security industry, but why? Welfare and assistance/support (whether work related or personal) is available, complimentary to all employees and family member all coordinated and managed by “Nee” our Team Support leader.
 During office hours we provide the use of two designated computers  with printing and internet access, one to one advice and guidance from the Team leader, whilst confidential, this can be way of housing issues, accessing local services, further education, and assisting with transport to a hospital appointment, or simply an understanding voice to speak to.


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Imran Khan

Senior Operations Manager

Imran has been operating within the security industry for 24 years, initially engaged as a security officer within the corporate sector, constant training and personal development,  has seen Imran climb the promotional ladder in order to obtain his ultimate objection, that to be both recognised and respected as an authority within the security Industry. 


Imran joined Metropolitan 18 months ago from a highly respected national security company, his knowledge and experience has certainly been, and continues to be a valuable asset to our company. Specialising in the best ways to achieve operational goals. Whilst directing and managing the daily activities of the Metropolitan operations, typically through subordinate operations managers. He uses the best of his skills and dedication to implement company policies, procedures, and initiatives. With the primary responsibility of ensuring that Metropolitan operations run smoothly and on time. He works with people, core operations, budgets, service delivery, and company strategy. While responsible for engaging and developing team members. Imran reports and works directly with our Managing Director.