Mobile Patrol Services

Safeguard your premises and deter theft, property damage and loitering around your business with our mobile patrol services. Our mobile patrol guards are an excellent addition to your security camera and alarm system, and they provide a cost-effective alternative when manned and static security solutions are beyond your budget.

All our mobile security guards are SIA licensed, insured and trained to tackle any security situation, including when things get rough. If an issue does arise, you can rest assured that our mobile patrol security services personnel are trained to the highest standard to deal with the problem swiftly and efficiently. 

Our mobile guards will visit your premises at agreed frequencies and always show up in full uniform and marked patrol vehicles to provide a visible security presence. 

As a leading mobile patrol company in the UK, our security guards operate in London, Luton and Harlow, as well as across the majority of the UK. With more than 35 years of experience in the security sector, you’re in safe hands when you choose Metropolitan Security Services. 

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The Best Security Solutions since 1985.

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Let's Protect Your Business While You Sleep

Your business premises and properties are most vulnerable to theft, vandalism and other crimes at night, at the weekend and across holidays. Our mobile security patrols can pay regular visits to your property and carry out external and internal inspections. Our guards will check all your windows, doors, plants, cars etc., and look for signs of forced entry or damage.  

The mobile visits to your business premises will be carried out at random times to ensure criminals are unable to detect a noticeable pattern. We offer mobile patrol services for private clients, retail businesses, construction sites, public buildings, offices, parks, warehouses and other areas that are too dangerous or unpracticable to monitor on foot.

Trusted Mobile Patrol Security Services

At Metropolitan Security Services, we combine state-of-the-art technology, effective patrol techniques and experienced SIA officers to provide top-notch mobile patrol services for our clients. All our vehicles are equipped with GPS patrol tracking systems and visible security decals that identify them as security patrol and emergency response units.

We monitor and track the location of each of our mobile patrol guards 24/7. At your request, we can provide you with a detailed report showing our patrol officers’ movements. We also support our mobile patrol guards with a 24/7 control room that can be alerted in case of an incident and provide emergency response when needed.

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Mobile Patrol Services for Private Clients and Businesses

Let’s help you keep your premises secure and safe with our mobile patrol services. We offer nationwide cover and are available 24/7. Our mobile patrol guards will provide round the clock security protection for your business and support you with a rapid response service. All our SIA licensed guards are highly effective at:

  • Checking your premises for signs of damage or forced entry
  • Inspecting your doors to ensure they are locked
  • Preventing criminals, vandals, trespassers from accessing or damaging your properties
  • Locking and unlocking of your office premises
  • Monitoring your surveillance equipment
  • Providing emergency response

Do you have questions about our mobile patrol services or feel like you need to hire a security guard but can’t afford a full-time security officer? If so, get in touch with us now. One of our experts will contact you on how we can best help you secure your premises with our cost-effective mobile patrol services.

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