Do you entrust your staff with the task of locking up your premises after work hours and opening it up for business the next morning? Can you guarantee their safety during the locking and unlocking process? What happens if the keyholder is sick or unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances? Don’t wait till the unexpected happens. Let our professional SIA-licensed guards handle the locking and unlocking of your premises so you won’t have to worry about it.
At Metropolitan Security Services, our highly trained mobile team will relieve your staff of the burden of unlocking and locking your premises. Our services will also eliminate the risk, and the potential liabilities that may arise should anything go wrong. We have been in the business of protecting people, properties, and assets for more than 35years and can take care of all your security needs.

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The Best Security Solutions since 1985.

Our Lock and Unlock Services

We offer both scheduled and on-demand lock up and unlock services. Our trained security guards can open up and lock up your premises at an agreed time. We have a nationwide presence, and our team is available 24hours and 365days a year to assist you when someone is locked out of your property or need someone to provide access for your contractors or tradesmen outside working hours.

Why You Need A Professional Lock And Unlock Services

Assigning the open-up and lock up duties to your staff members can put a strain on them, expose your staff to risks and even lower their productivity. The unavailability of your keyholder can also disrupt your operations and affect the quality of your service. Hire Metropolitan Security Services for your unlock and unlock duties now to enjoy the following benefits:
  • Eliminate the risk of exposing your employee to danger during opening up or lock up
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that your premises are locked and secured
  • Our security guards can provide emergency access to your employee and contractors
  • We can assist with setting and disarming your alarm system
  • Our officers can offer additional support like switching off unnecessary lights and electrical equipment
  • The presence of our licensed security guards can prevent intruders from making your premises their next target.
Interested in our lock and unlock services or want to find out more about how we can help you secure your staff and properties? Please get in touch with us now. We’ll be happy to hear from you.