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How To Protect, Secure, And Enjoy Christmas In Haringey

How To Protect, Secure, And Enjoy Christmas In Haringey

Christmas comes with love and the spirit of sharing and caring. It is the most wonderful time of the year, when everyone has to relieve themselves of worries, stress, and uncertainty to share quality time and care with their loved ones. But unfortunately, instead of sharing and caring, selfish, greedy criminals like burglars and petty thieves prefer breaking into homes, properties, residences, and business premises to execute their crime-related activities. At Metropolitan Security Services, we believe that everyone deserves 100% peace of mind, and no criminal must unlawfully threaten the peace and security of any business, resident, property, or assets belonging to anyone living in Haringey. As a result, we work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year to ensure the safety and security of local businesses and residents in Haringey. 

No one must ever steal away the joy, happiness, care, and love that come along with the Christmas season from anyone. We are not just a regular private security guard company selling security services; we are a loyal business partner and an ethical company that respects and upholds the social values of our communities. which is why we aim to respond to every security request within the shortest possible space of time, even on short notice. This means you will never have to worry about how you will secure, protect, and enjoy Christmas in Haringey, as we will take sole responsibility to safeguard and protect all your interests. It is our primary duty to relieve you of any worries, stress, or uncertainties that affect your peace and to share love and care during this holiday season.

your Christmas gift from Metropolitan Security Services

This Christmas, Metropolitan Security Services has lots of love, care, and offers to share with local Haringey-based businesses and residents. When you work with us, it is our priority to provide adequate, bespoke security solutions. As a result, we first consult with you to understand your security requirements before designing a customised service to meet them, and all our consultations are free of charge. Aside from offering free consultations, you can schedule a security meetup in Haringey at any time, and our security experts will meet with you. These meetings are free; you are not entitled to pay anything. 


Metropolitan security experts can perform appropriate security and risk assessments as well as provide a detailed report of every security measure required to enhance your current security systems if there are any in place, and these reports and assessments are free of charge. Get in touch now with our security experts and reap all the advantages of working together in partnership with Metropolitan Security Services.


We secure, protect, and safeguard residences, properties, and local Haringey businesses during the holiday seasons.

Over the years, we have kept a reputation for excellent services in Haringey by working closely with clients to understand their security needs so that we can provide them with unique security solutions for their specific needs. Since we can provide SIA-licenced, certified, qualified, insured, and experienced security guards, we guarantee that you will enjoy the benefits of having adequate protection and security. All our security officers constantly go through technical training to make sure they are kept up to date with the latest technologies within the security industry. which means metropolitan security guards are equipped with adequate training, skills, and knowledge to deal with security monitoring devices like CCTVs, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, biometric authenticators, and alarm systems, among others. Inspecting, detecting, and monitoring unusual behaviours or any suspicious criminal activities that might threaten your security is among the sole duties of security guards. Security offices are tasked with performing regular patrols in search of any possible security breaches, and if any are found, immediate action is taken to eliminate any potential threat.

Everything we do at Metropolitan Security Services is all about you, and our goal is to provide first-class security in accordance with established British standards. We work hand in hand with the police, local authorities, and emergency services to enhance the quality of protection, security, and response offered to all our clients. Supplementary security services are part of the packages we offer, which means if you already have inadequate protection and security protocols in place to safeguard your interests, we fill in the gaps. Whether you are looking for short-term, long-term, or one-time services, look no further for additional security. Mobile patrols, key holding, canine security, alarm response, and the locking and unlocking of premises are among our protection packages.


Christmas wishes from Metropolitan Security Services

We are a part of the Haringey local residential and commercial community, working together with businesses and individuals to create secure working and living environments in Haringey. As much as we honour and respect our community’s social values and ethics, the Metro Security Team would like to wish every family, business, and individual a safe and secure Christmas holiday filled with abundance of love, care, and joy. Metropolitan Security Services will continue to serve the Haringey community with love, respect, and honour, meaning that whenever anyone has any security request at any time, we will be ready and available to serve and protect. Do not hesitate to contact us. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Even on short notice, we respond immediately to all security requests. 

Time is a valuable and precious asset in life. Every second counts. In security, it is crucial to utilise time appropriately, especially when responding to emergencies or attending to security alerts raised by alarms, surveillance cameras, and CCTV’s, among others. Besides offering emergency backup security services, we respond immediately and restore any security request, call, or alert on a 24-hour basis. Get in touch now and learn more about how you can reap all the advantages and benefits of working together with us.


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    How Businesses Can Deal With Internal Security Threats

    How Businesses Can Deal With Internal Security Threats

    If you don’t take precautions to protect your business from security threats, you will risk losing a great deal of money, property, and assets, and in worse-case scenarios, you might risk losing your entire business. A business security threat is any situation, condition, or environment that has a negative impact on the productivity, growth, or expansion of your business. Anything that can result in your business or company suffering financial or physical losses is considered a security threat. 


    Local businesses in Haringey suffer at the expense of these security threats.

    Every day, local businesses in Haringey suffer at the expense of these security threats, which can be either external or internal. When employees steal, use, or misuse business assets (property) without the employer’s consent or the company’s authorization, this is known as employee theft. Theft from employees is one very good example of an internal security threat. Besides theft-related issues: anything that happens within the organization of your business or company that might lead to loss or damage of property is defined as an “internal security threat.” Employees may express themselves in unacceptable or aggressive behaviours for a variety of reasons, which may result in businesses being vandalized. In simple terms, vandalism-related activities by your staff and employees are another example of an internal security threat to your business. When machines, appliances, or electrical equipment are not properly monitored, or maybe they are not properly switched off, this is a recipe for creating a dangerous working environment besides increasing unnecessary expenditures and bills for the company. 


    Abuse or misuse of company working hours or production

    Abuse or misuse of company working hours or production hours is another internal security threat that is often overlooked by business owners. Without constant monitoring, employees often take advantage of their employers’ absence to use work production hours to attend to their personal issues; if this goes out of hand, this means the productivity of the company is reduced, which has a direct impact on the company’s profits, returns, revenue, and income streams. Depending on your specific business model, internal security threats differ, which is why at Metropolitan Security Services we consult and work closely with you to develop bespoke security solutions. Get in touch now to consult with our internal security threats experts for free and get a free security and risk assessment, along with a detailed report of every security protocol required to protect your business from every internal security threat. 

    Close monitoring of business property assets

    The most recommended solution to deal with internal security threats is close monitoring of business property and assets. This can be done by working with professional security guards within the internal structures of your company or business. Metropolitan Security Services is a private Haringey security guard company that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide close monitoring security services to businesses, assets, and properties. For many years, we have worked closely with Haringey businesses and communities to provide first-class residential and commercial security guards and services in accordance with British established standards. To guarantee satisfaction for the close monitoring of your business, property, or assets, we only offer security guards with enough qualifications, certifications, insurance, SIA licensing, and experience to effectively attend to any security situation.


    Security Guards vs. Internal Security Threats

    Security guards will perform regular mobile patrols in search of any internal security breaches or potential internal threats against your business. If any are found, a security guard is tasked with taking immediate action to restore the security of your businesses. The responsibilities of these security officers include performing thorough risk and security assessments, identifying and eliminating threats, and restoring security and protection status. Depending on the security threat level, security guards are equipped with enough skills and training to deal with internal security threat issues swiftly and with the minimum of disruption, as well as work together with the police, emergency services, and local authorities. In case of medical and fire emergencies and threats, all our security guards have received training and certification in emergency first aid at work and firefighting skills to protect your business. This means when you have our security personnel working within your business organization, you don’t have to worry about handling any security emergencies that might threaten your business, property, staff, or assets. 

    In your absence, security guards will work closely with your staff and employees, and security officers will solely have the responsibility to identify, monitor, and inspect unusual  behaviours among employees. Security guards will serve as an extra eye for your businesses; they will keep a close watch on theft or vandalism-related activities and take every necessary action to protect your businesses from any of these threats. In the presence of security guards, it is difficult for employees to misuse or abuse working or production hours. One of the most significant benefits of having security guards handle and combat internal security threats is that nothing will ever go missing from your business because everything will be accounted for. Security officers are responsible for the accountability of everything that goes in and out of your business; they are tasked with carrying out searches on individuals, delivery vehicles, and traffic where necessary. 

    security monitoring devices

    CCTVs, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, alarms, and biometric authenticators can be used to effectively monitor, detect, inspect, and control internal security threats. Security guards play a crucial role in ensuring that these security monitoring devices always perform at their best. As a result, at Metropolitan Security Services, we always ensure that all of our security guards receive regular tech training to keep them up to date on the latest security technological systems. In order for security monitoring devices to guarantee 100% satisfaction, they must be managed, maintained, and operated only by qualified security personnel with relevant experience, licensing, and skills in working with these devices. 


    Every business is unique and requires unique security solutions and protection against specific internal security threats. Contact us right away for a free consultation with our internal security threats experts, who can create a bespoke security solution tailored to your specific business. 


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      How to Prevent and Control Employee Theft in Haringey

      How to Prevent and Control Employee Theft in Haringey

      When your staff steal, use, or misuse company property (assets) without your permission or the company’s authorization, this is defined as employee theft. In the past 5 years, there has been an increase in reports that local businesses in Haringey have suffered at the expense of employees stealing, using, and misusing their employers’ properties without express consent. If employers do not attend to preventing or controlling the issue of employee theft, their businesses could suffer great financial losses. Besides, local Haringey companies are losing a great deal of money and assets due to employee theft. Before you proceed with reading this post, you should ask yourself a few questions. 


      1. Are all your employees loyal and honest?
      2. How vulnerable is your company to employee theft?
      3. How do you deal with employee theft and protect your company?
      4. Do you have any security or protection against theft from employees?
      5. How reliable are your security measures against theft from employees?


      Business Evaluation Against Employee Theft

      If you need any assistance in evaluating the security status of your company or business against employee theft, then get in touch now! We offer free consultations, security and risk assessments, and a detailed report on your company’s current employee theft status. While it is necessary to secure every aspect of your company from any potential threat or harmful environment, employers often overlook internal security issues and then turn to focus more on protecting their businesses from external security threats. 

      Yet internal security issues can do more damage to your business than you realize. Prevention is always better than resolving an issue, which is why every employer must make sure they have adequate, reliable security protocols to protect their companies from both internal and external security threats. The fact remains that not everyone you hire will be faithful, reliable, and trustworthy in their work with you. For various reasons, certain individuals will be interested in stealing from you.

       It gets worse when unfaithful employees become toxic and begin influencing other faithful workers to join them in committing such crimes. Besides stealing tangible assets from your company, when employees steal or misuse time, this can have a huge negative impact on the productivity of your company, and there is no doubt that when productivity is affected, the company’s returns, profits, and income are directly reduced. 


      How To Deal With Employee Theft

      Considering that your staff is equipped with enough knowledge and understanding of every aspect of the company they work with, without monitoring and inspection, dishonest and unfaithful staff could take advantage of such knowledge to collaborate with their fellow non-staff to execute bigger theft operations. One good example would be the use of delivery vehicles to smuggle out valuable assets from your company during working hours. Another example would be that the staff responsible for holding the key to your business premises might come after hours to commit clean undercover theft operations, which can go unnoticed.


      which is why companies must consider having the locking and unlocking of their businesses done by trusted, reliable security providers like Metropolitan Security Services. If you need to guarantee that nothing goes in or out of your company or business without proper accountability, then working with us is one of your best options. We are a Haringey-based private security guard company, and for years we have worked closely together with local businesses to tackle the issue of employee theft.

       We guarantee the provision of a bespoke security solution 24 hours a day, seven days a week because we have been providing locally trained, qualified, certified, SIA licensed, and skilled security guards with enough experience to deal with employee theft issues at your company as quickly and quietly as possible. 


      Prevention And Control Of Theft From Employees

      Monitoring the behaviour and activities of your employees closely is considered one of the best possible options to prevent and control employee theft. As a result, Metropolitan Security Services specialises in providing professional security guards with the capabilities of monitoring, inspecting, and detecting unusual behaviour among your staff and employees. Despite the fact that our security guards will work with the police and local authorities to guarantee the total protection of your company or business, this means you don’t have to worry about anything, as our security officers will deal with staff theft issues immediately

      The presence of security guards alone on your business premises would discourage and demotivate employees from stealing or even attempting to steal, as they would be aware that they were being watched. Employees cannot steal time or misuse business production time in the presence of manned security guards because security officers are seen as an extra set of eyes for the company. Close monitoring, inspection, and searches of delivery vehicles, traffic, and individuals coming in and out of your business premises would make it difficult for a dishonest, unfaithful employee to smuggle or steal company property without being noticed.

       Security devices like CCTVs, surveillance cameras, alarm systems, motion detectors, and biometric authentication all contribute to the protection, prevention, and control of employee theft. These devices are more effective and can guarantee 100% protection when they are operated, monitored, and inspected by skilled, experienced, qualified, and SIA-licensed security officers. which is why we always make sure that every security guard at Metropolitan Security Services constantly goes through tech training to ensure they are always kept up to date when it comes to working with security monitoring devices. 

      Securing And Protecting Your Business From Employee Theft

      Performing regular patrols to monitor, inspect, and take immediate action to protect your business from every possible threat, including theft by employees, is among the duties performed by security guards at your business premises. We guarantee your satisfaction when we are in charge of holding the keyslocking and unlocking your premises, and nothing will ever go missing unaccounted for. We will be solely responsible for closely monitoring unusual visits from both staff and non-staff, as well as any suspicious activity, during and after business hours.


      In addition, we have an alarm response team working together with our entire security teams in accordance with the policy of immediately responding to every security request 24 hours a day. which means no matter what time of the day it is, you will never have to worry about responding to late-night duty calls or attending to any alarms. When we respond to a security alert, request, or call, our security guards are tasked with conducting a thorough inspection in search of security breaches, and if any are discovered, they are responsible for taking immediate action to restore and ensure that your business premises are properly secured and protected. for added security against employee theft or external theft by non-staff, Metropolitan Security Services offers mobile patrols and security dog services accompanied by licenced professional dog handlers. The regular presence of mobile patrol vehicles constantly visiting your business premises will deter potential criminals.

      Contact us right away; we provide free consultations, free security and risk assessments for your business, and a detailed report of every security protocol required to protect and secure your business against employee theft. 


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        The Advantages of Hiring Local Security Guards in London

        The Advantages of Hiring Local Security Guards in London

        There are countless reasons why businesses, individuals, and companies must hire reliable, 24-hour residential and commercial local security guards in London. While protecting your business and its assets is one of the most common reasons, another would be to secure your business premises, staff, and customers. London business owners can reap the benefits of hiring local London security companies like Metropolitan Security Services. But first, businesses must consider response time. 

        1. How long will it take for a specific local security service provider to respond to a security situation at hand? 
        2. Is the security service available 24 hours a day? 
        3. Does the security service guarantee total protection of my business interests? 
        4. And finally, how would my business benefit from the security service? 


        For over 35 years, we have provided security guards and services to local London businesses and organisations throughout the UK. We have advised and collaborated with numerous business owners from various industries, and to date we understand why every business requires unique and customised security solutions. All of our security packages and services include a 24-hour emergency response, even on short notice. Since we are a local London security company, our response time to local London businesses is very short, quick and effective when handling security situations at hand. Apart from providing emergency security backup and support to all of our security guards stationed at your business premises in the event of an emergency, we provide local security guards who are SIA licenced, insured, certified, qualified and trained to tackle even the most critical security situations with as minimum disruption as possible to your business environment. It is worth mentioning the availability of our regular mobile patrol services to reinforce the quality of security offered to every local London business that we work with. 


        London Local Security Guards

        Working with a local London private security company will guarantee you 100% peace of mind as you will always have professional security guards at your disposal to respond to late-night duty calls. For example, when responding to alarms, a security officer or an alarm response team is always readily available to take control of the situation. This goes along with key holding in the event of any security emergency. Having experienced local commercial and residential security guards to keep an eye on your business facility means the security of your properties, assets, or business premises will never be compromised.  


        At Metropolitan Security Services, we believe in the ethics and social values of businesses and the local communities. As a result, we support local communities by making sure we have locally groomed, experienced, and licenced security guards to secure and protect businesses within their local regions. Locally trained security guards will always understand which security challenges are faced by specific local businesses despite having gone through proper security training. Local security guards know how to relate to businesses, the community and liaise with local authorities and emergency services. Local security officers will work hard to create a safe, healthy, and secure living environment for their families, friends, and the community as a whole. This clearly indicates that hiring local security guards would provide your company with the benefits of having protection from a security professional who is equipped with enough knowledge of your business environment as well as certain traits and human behaviours of the locals.  


        Unlike any other London security service provider, we closely consult with each local London business owner, perform a free risk and security assessment, provide a detailed report of security solutions required, and finally handpick a specific team of local security professionals to handle all the unique requests of your specific business model. This process is our secret. This is how we have managed to provide the best local security service in Haringey, Camden, Hackney, Hammersmith and Fulham, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Lambeth, Lewisham, Newham, Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Wandsworth, Barking and Dagenham, Barnet, Bexley, Brent, Bromley, Croydon, Ealing, Enfield, Greenwich, Harrow, Havering, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Kingston upon Thames, Merton, Redbridge, Richmond upon Thames, Sutton, Waltham Forest, the City of Westminster, and the City of London. 


        London Local Security Services

        If you are looking to secure your business with quality professional security services from local London SIA licenced security guards, after closely consulting with you to understand your specific business model, we offer locally groomed, highly trained, insured, qualified, and experienced security guards. Having local London SIA licensed security guards on your premises means you have protected your business, staff, and employees from the risk of being exposed to any potential danger.

        Our goal as a local private security company is to provide first-class security guarding services in London and to businesses in the surrounding area. Which is why all of our local London security officers have received training in threat recognition, risk assessment, quick decision-making, spotting strange behaviour, and crime incident avoidance.  

        Every security officer is prepared to respond quickly and professionally to situations if they should arise, minimising any inconvenience to your business. With the aid of our mobile patrol services, you can protect your business from property destruction, trespassing around your business premises, and deter theft. When manned and static security solutions are out of your budget range, our mobile patrol guards offer a great supplement to security cameras and alarm systems. London mobile security guards will come to your site at predetermined intervals and always arrive in marked patrol vehicles and in full uniform to provide off-site security. At night, on weekends, and during holidays, your corporation’s properties are most susceptible to theft, vandalism, and other crimes. Our mobile security patrols can visit your property on a regular basis to conduct both exterior and interior checks. Your windows, doors, and vehicles will all be inspected by our local mobile patrol security guards.  


        With local London key holding services, you may spare your staff the anxiety and danger of responding to emergencies and late-night callouts. We offer local, reliable, trusted, and hassle-free key holding services. In addition to the provision of local residential security services and securing public events, corporate offices, vacant properties, empty buildings, and warehouses. We offer local canine security services together with professional dog handlers. Our professional canine teams are trained and qualified to offer a wide range of services, including: building search, personal searches, crowd control, drug detection, evidence search, door supervision, and security patrols. Depending on your specific business model, we offer specialised k9 security solutions designed to resolve all your security issues. 


        Get in touch now and consult with our local London security guard experts. They can perform a free risk and security assessment. providing you with a detailed report of every security requirement to protect your specific business model. whether you are looking for immediate short term, once off or long-term local security solutions we are always at your service 24/7 


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          Protection Is Our Priority

          Protection Is Our Priority

          Have you ever been stuck in a security emergency when you needed protection? To be more specific, I mean those moments when you need urgent help and a quick response to get out of whatever situation you might be caught up in. It might be a life-threatening situation, a matter of safety and protection, or your property, assets, or business has been exposed to a harmful environment, and you need to secure and safeguard them before misfortune takes over. Believe me when I say I have been caught up in several such events, and trust me in these moments, the last thing that you need is someone asking you to go through a long process of unnecessary questioning and long procedures before they can help you out or offer you a service of assistance. For years in my life, I have suffered at the expense of such circumstances, and I believe that no one else should suffer something like this. Because of this, when we formed Metropolitan Security Services, one of our core foundation services was to provide a 24-hour nationwide security service with immediate response to any and every security emergency. 

          Quick Response to Emergencies

          At Metropolitan Security Services, we understand that a delayed response to any security emergency is as good as not responding to the security call at all. Although we have trained, experienced, insured, and SIA licenced security guards, we always have a standby backup team of reinforcement security guards ready to immediately respond to any security emergency. On a 24-hour service basis, it only takes you one call to get urgent, high-quality security service without you having to go through any stressful, unnecessary procedures. Whether you need to protect your property, business, or assets, maybe you need security guard service at short notice. From the moment you call us and request our services, it will be our responsibility to take action to secure and safeguard all your interests. After all, protection is our priority.

          24-Hour Service

          When you work with us, it is of great importance that you always remember that all our services are always available 24 hours a day. In other words, you have every right and authority to request any security service at any time without any restrictions or limitations. Because your safety and protection always come first, it doesn’t matter whether you need an ordinary security service or you are in need of immediate assistance, our services are always at your disposal every time without question. We always offer bespoke security services because we know that everyone has unique security requests, be it long-term contracts, short-term notice, one-offs or short-term contracts. We take care of all your security needs. Get in touch with us now to discuss your needs. Our security experts will get back to you with how we can protect you, your staff, and your property. 

          Nationwide Presence

          Metropolitan Security Services is one of the UK’s premier security guard companies, serving businesses and individuals in the UK. We provide skilled and experienced security officers for clients who want to deter crime on their business premises, at events or in one of their unsupervised properties. Every security guard we employ is insured, SIA-licensed, and trained to handle any security concerns that may arise on your premises. Our goal is to provide our clients with world-class security guard services that will give them peace of mind and ensure the safety of their employees, customers, and properties. All our security officers are trained to identify threats, assess risk situations, make effective split-second decisions, spot unusual behaviour, and prevent potential crime incidents. If incidents do occur, every security officer is trained and equipped to deal with the situation, ensuring minimal disruption to your business. With more than 30 years of experience in security, our officers are among the most trained and our service is among the most comprehensive in the UK. Our security guards operate in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Kington, and Glasgow, so no matter where you need us, our security guard service is available across the UK. 

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          The Sweetness of Security

          The Sweetness Of Security

          Everyone deserves peace of mind; it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, or where you come from, you have the right to enjoy peace in your life. Despite the fact that we have to face challenges and tasks that need to be completed every day as we live, we all deserve those moments of peace. Our minds must enjoy the pleasure of having some breaks from all our stresses, worries, and insecurities. After all, a healthy mind is all that guarantees successful days in our future. And trust me when I boldly say, “without peace in our minds, most of our successful plans are doomed to fail, and it is very possibly that our goals and achievements might be subject to disruptions and failure.” But when you have security, life becomes sweet.

          The Sense of Security

          Scientifically, we have five senses. These are: sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell. These senses collect information about our environment that is interpreted by the brain. But today I will enlighten you with the “Sense of Security”. This is the sense which grants us the ability to perform multiple tasks and the authority to make and take decisions without any fear. Not to mention, it is the sense of security which allows us to freely plan and generate productive ideas which are beneficial to our day-to-day activities. This is where I mention Metropolitan Security Services. Our duty is to keep the sense of security within you alive and active so that you will be able to achieve every dream, goal, or achievement without anything or anyone threatening your success.

          Metropolitan Security Services Limited
          We offer top-notch residential and commercial security services.
          The UK’s most trusted and reliable security provider for over 35 years.
          Metropolitan Security Services is considered to be one of the leading providers of highly experienced SIA-licensed security guards in the UK. Our team has a reputation for always exceeding our clients’ expectations in terms of security and safety.
          We offer individuals and businesses top-notch security services by combining our expertise, world-class mobile and remote guarding technology, and unrivalled experience within the security industry.
          Since 1985, we have been offering security services for clients around the UK. We can boldly say, “Our team of security guards are amongst the most experienced and skilled in the industry.” Metropolitan Security Services has a nationwide presence, and we are available 24/7, 365 days a year to meet your security needs.

          A business perspective

          Anything that threatens or disturbs any business operations negatively obviously takes away stakeholders’ peace of mind. This is a good reason why you will need professionals like metropolitan security services to secure and protect the interests of every stackholder within your business, not to mention that we to look after your premises and assets. It makes no difference what industry your company is in. We all agree that your assets determine the future and success of your business. It is not worth it to leave any of your assets exposed to any possible risks and threats like theft, vandalism, or any unmonitored situations. Now, what you need is a team of experienced and highly trained security guard officers to constantly watch and monitor everything that is of great value to you and your business. In this way, you can protect your business from suffering the effects of setbacks and financial strains caused by the lack of security. Feel free to contact Metropolitan security services help desk to find out how your business can benefit from a wide variety of services we offer, Plus we have a team of customer assistance agents waiting to assist you in any of your requests every time.

          A personal perspective

          Everything we do at Metropolitan Security Services is all about you. We’ll consult with you and develop a bespoke security solution within your budget. When you work with us, our primary aim is to protect you, your staff and assets, and ensure our security services give you 100% peace of mind.
          All our security guards have necessary licenses and certifications, and they carry out their duties in line with the established British standards. Our team also pride themselves on proven aptitude, clean appearance, courteous manners, and their ability to manage the most testing security situations.

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          The Perfect Partner

          The Perfect Partner

          If you are looking for the best solution for your company to be prosperous in the business world, then choosing a good partner would be one of the best ways to achieve this. Honestly, not every partnership is going to be profitable. Always avoid random, meaningless partnerships since these never benefit your business interests. But if you are looking for the best option to build a successful, secure business, Then you need the perfect partner.

          1. What is the perfect partner?
          1. How does my business benefit from the perfect partner?

          What is the perfect partner?

          The perfect partner is a business that works closely with your business with the aim of securing and protecting your interests from anything that threatens your business welfare.

          How does my business benefit from the perfect partner?


          Anything that damages, destroys, or threatens your assets and interests can directly cause a negative impact on the success of your business. It’s not a secret that every business in every industry is threatened by criminal activities like theft, break-ins, vandalism, and unmonitored situations. The sad truth is that these threats can lead to major setbacks: companies can collapse, and in some cases, a business might be forced to shut down. You don’t have to risk your business, company, or interests by being affected by these possible realities. That is why you need the perfect partner. Metropolitan Security Services is the perfect partner. Our primary goal is to secure your assets, defend your business, and protect your interests while you focus on making profits and growing your business.


          We provide security, protection, and defense.

          At Metropolitan Security Services, we understand that there is a difference between providing an ordinary service and bringing value to a business. This is why we meet with our clients to discuss their values and visions. This process allows us to provide customised services which are designed to meet every client’s request, since every client is unique. Likewise, every business requires a unique security service depending on which industry it is operating from. By providing diversified and unique services, this is what separates Metropolitan Security from the rest of the security service providers in the UK.

          We are the perfect partner.

          Our business is to secure your business. It is our responsibility to make sure your premises are kept safe at all times. Our mission is to ensure that criminals never target your assets as their next assignment. At Metropolitan Security Services, we can boldly say that our duty is to partner with your business on your journey to success. We listen to understand so that we can secure and protect your interests. Our services include:

          Drop Us a Line

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            Value Your Vision. Secure It.

            Value your vision. Secure It.

            Every business owner will agree with me that the success of every business is driven by a strong vision. Likewise, behind every vision there is a person who is strong and firm with a mission, someone who steers the company in the right direction. This is where we define a professional as someone who takes and makes decisions that benefit the business. You might be a business owner, partner, manager, leader, or employee. But as long as you are part of the decision making panel, I am talking to you.

            It is undeniable that your efforts, strategies, and hard work contributed to the business success. That is why we need to make sure you never risk losing all of these. We understand that assets of great value must be secured with a greater protection service. This is the major reason why, at Metropolitan Security Services, we do more than just watch over your premises; instead, we secure your vision. We have a variety of services to offer which can enhance the protection of your business and mission. We will meet with you, discuss, and understand your values. Then, from there, our mission would be to secure your interests. We make sure we organise customised services designed to meet your requests.

            We are more than just a service provider. We are a business partner who is dedicated to protecting your assets and safeguarding the future of your business. Remember, our business is to protect your business. This means we exist to help you and your business grow and move forward. Our duty is to ensure that you never suffer from setbacks. The reality that every business has to accept is that we live in a world where our interests are threatened and affected by theft, vandalism, and unmonitored disasters, which cause a huge negative impact on your business financial and physical assets. In other words, if you value your business, then you must secure it. Think of it this way, while you expand and build your business, we secure and protect what you have acquired.

            our vision

            Highly Trained, Experienced, and Insured SIA Licensed Officers

            We pride ourselves on having the most highly skilled and experienced team of SIA licensed officers in the UK. All our guards work with us full-time and are fully insured. We employ only those who have years of experience under their belt. More so, each personnel go through a rigorous vetting process before they join our team. We treat our guards humanly, offer them competitive benefits, and provide them with continuous security training to ensure they always meet your needs.

            Our 35+ years’ experience in offering security guard services stands us out in the industry. Over the years, we have worked with businesses in different sectors, including retail, construction, hospitality, education, warehousing, and more. When you work with our team, you will enjoy the peace of mind that you are working with the best security guard service provider in the UK.

            Our Security Guards Understand Customer Service

            We recognised that our SIA licensed security guards are often the first touchpoint for your employees, customers, and visitors, so we always ensure they possess strong interpersonal skills. Although our static security guards are very tough with intruders and crime perpetrators, you can be rest assured that they will always treat your guests and employees with the respect they deserve.


            Are You Ready To Discuss Your Security Needs?

            Please, get in touch with us now. One of our security experts will contact you to discuss how we can help you protect your premises from intruders and criminals. We are available nationwide and offer 24hour 365 days cover. Even with short notice, we can deploy our SIA licensed security guards to your site in the shortest time possible.  Contact us now! We offer FREE CONSULTATION.

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            Reasons Why You Need Security

            Security utilizes clear judgment to safeguard your business, resources, interests and Containing situations having highly experienced SIA licensed officers to protect your business or property makes it simpler to address and resolve  issues, and return the business to its standard tasks rapidly.

            Security take up a significant part in controlling infringement, keeping up with discipline in the working environment, and guaranteeing rules and guidelines are being adhered to. They can make a disciplinary move against violators and people getting rowdy. In huge groups, they keep everything under control and forestall the gamble of crowd battles, uproars, or smashed and messy lead.

            For example, security can help sort out and control circumstances, for example, huge occasions, representative, or to advance an overall feeling of request and wellbeing in corporate structures. The public has a solid sense of safety with security’s presence and is receptive to their direction.

            Security authorities offer an extra arrangements of eyes and ears reliably. Their presence is purposeful and specific in giving fast movement in an immense number of expected circumstances, from de-raising a situation to deterring enmity. Security creates situational care and stays aware of equilibrium.

            Without security, individuals often become smug and miss exceptional approach to acting of normal people, agents and others around them. Care is a constant development, and people need to settle on the best decision, so security coordinates a positive and proactive culture.

            The response of security is quick; consistently counts with regards to episode reaction. It is fundamental that the danger is found and remediated as fast as it can really be expected. Security is significant in overseeing what is going on while anticipating the appearance of the police or medical personnel in case of an emergency

            Similarly, security officers can be client-care diplomats. A highly experienced SIA licensed person can control a front work area or go about as a guard to control admittance to an area. This can truly mean that there is a significant measure of collaboration between your business and clients. Gatekeepers or security might have the option to assist in guiding individuals to track down items and get to the right area in a business. security guards can likewise be available as escorts for clients and workers to get to their vehicles in the evening.


            The security services provided by Metropolitan Security Services will not only protect you from outside attacks but also monitor your employees working there.

            Security guards monitor and protect your assets from outside unethical elements as well as your employees, who might get tempted by something valuable.

            A variety of advanced techniques are used for optimum resource management and the least amount of disturbance for workers. 

            our security services ensure that employees are working in a safe environment. Employees might get into disagreements that may result in serious fights if they are not resolved quickly. Our guards will keep an eye on that.

            Our security officials also keep an eye on the assets flow in your organization, preventing any kind of embezzlement from the employees.

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            When You Think Of Security, Who Do You Call?

            When You Think Of Security Who Do You Call ?

            Consider this: your security isn’t only about someone keeping an eye on you or checking over your property. This is something I can assure you of. There is a lot of benefit in having security services on hand, but before you call for protection, ask yourself these questions.

            1. You’ve put in a lot of effort to obtain your property and possessions. Are you prepared to take the chance of losing everything in the blink of an eye?
            2. Your assets will define your financial future. Are you willing to put your future on the line?
            3. What is the most important thing to you? Who is in charge of safeguarding it? Is it sufficiently safe?
            The most important question is: who can you trust to protect your best interests?
            1)Highly Trained, Experienced, and Insured SIA Licensed Officers

            We pride ourselves on having the most highly skilled and experienced team of SIA licensed officers in the UK. All our guards work with us full-time and are fully insured. We only employ those who have years of experience under their belt. Furthermore, each member of our team goes through a rigorous vetting process before they join our team. We treat our guards humanly, offer them competitive benefits, and provide them with continuous security training to ensure they always meet your needs.

            Security officers serve as a visual and physical deterrent to criminal activity. Even one officer present will significantly cut crime rates and lessen the probability of an offender causing injury. When security officers discover someone causing disturbance on your property, they can swiftly intercept and stop the offender. A security guard’s primary role is to keep people safe. A security guard’s constant presence is often enough to deter crooks and avert incidents. People appreciate security guards’ presence, and making them feel at ease and safe may be rewarding.


            Professional working dog teams are faster and more precise than any other ways in performing a variety of tasks. As a result, these teams are quite beneficial to your security demands.  Dogs are used to assist humans in many different situations. Our Handlers use dogs to help track down and apprehend suspected criminals.

            Our canines have been bred and trained precisely to deal with break-ins. In many cases, the simple presence of a guard dog is enough to deter attempted break-ins. A protection dog will disable the intruder and hold them at bay until our dog handlers can take control of the situation. Our guard dogs, on the other hand, will continue to scour your property for any signs of illegal activity.

            We provide best in class canine security services using highly-trained K9s and licensed dog handlers. Our professional handlers and canines have years of experience under their belt and can provide the highest quality of security protection for private clients and businesses. All our dog handlers have NTIPDU certifications, and our security dogs are fully trained to provide personal and property security protection.


            Free consultations are available with our expert advisors. They are delighted to talk with you and advise you on which security requirements are most appropriate for your needs.

              3) ALARM RESPONSE

              Our alarm response service is quick and organised, allowing for instant danger reduction and resolution. Our staff are well-trained, and we enjoy good working ties with local law enforcement. Never expose anyone to potential danger.  Let our professionals handle it. We offer complete alarm response services in the United Kingdom for both business and residential properties. No matter what time or where you are, our SIA-licensed personnel can respond to your activated alarms and rush to your site. Retail stores, warehouses, industrial sites, corporate parks, offices, and other businesses are among the clients we serve. Metropolitan Security Services is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and provides countrywide coverage.

              4) Mobile Patrol

              Mobile security patrols are becoming a more popular and effective method of guarding business facilities since they provide the benefits of having a physical and responsive presence. Mobile patrols are always on the go, travelling throughout the site in search of odd activities. As a result, they are continually on the lookout for criminal activities on the premises and are prepared to intervene if necessary. Professional security guards that patrol an area at irregular intervals may considerably increase your security. This is due to the fact that criminals and offenders prefer to do their crimes when no one is there. Even if you aren’t on the premises, you can trust on the mobile patrol security professionals to keep an eye on things. All of our mobile security guards are SIA qualified, insured, and trained to handle any security issue, even tense situations. If an incident arises, you can be certain that our mobile patrol security services professionals are well trained to handle the situation quickly and effectively.

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