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Adequate Security Throughout The Year

Adequate Security Throughout The Year

begin your year with adequate security

comprehensive security guard services in London (Haringey)

Every year brings change, new ideas, and better ways of doing things. As we share season’s greetings and new year’s compliments, we will outline the importance of having adequate security throughout the year. 


We offer first-class commercial and residential security services 24 hours a day, with 100% guaranteed peace of mind. All our security guard officers are SIA licensed, certified, insured, qualified, skilled, and experienced enough to manage any security situation. 


We are always on guard.

It goes without question that crime is at its peak at the beginning of every year. Burglary and theft are the most common crimes carried out by criminal fortune seekers to sustain their lives as the new year commences. Criminals are always on the lookout for opportunities to breach vulnerable properties or premises and commit their crimes. Without adequate security protocols, you risk losing your properties and assets to the misfortune of vandalism, theft, and burglary. 



For more than 35 years, we have been protecting residential estates, commercial properties, hotels, schools, retailers, construction sites, and warehouses, among other businesses, from diversified industries. Our goal is to provide adequate security guard services and solutions to businesses and individuals. We consult with each client to develop a bespoke security solution designed to address their specific security requirements. We are always on guard and provide comprehensive security guard services, which include manned security guards, mobile patrols, alarm responses, lock and unlocks, key holding services, vacant property inspections, event security, reception security, CCTV monitoring, and canine security, among others. 


advantages of having adequate security

Before we outline the advantages of having sufficient security solutions, it is necessary that we classify the difference between general security and adequate security. Having any security measures in place to protect properties and assets is considered “general security,” whereas adequate security is the customization of general security services to be sufficient. Now with that being said, the next questions are: 

1) Do You Have an Adequate Security Solution? 

2) How do you know whether your security solutions are sufficient?  

4) Where do you find an adequate security service?  

5) How do you secure your assets and properties with reliable service throughout the year? 


free consultations

If you are looking for answers to any of the above questions, or maybe you are in need of assistance with any security-related issues, then search no further than Metropolitan Security Services. Consult with our security experts for free; we are always available 24 hours a day at your service to offer assistance. We adhere to the policy of responding to every security request with immediate action, even on short notice. Besides, we offer free security and risk assessments as we evaluate the appropriateness of your current security measures. Following assessments, we provide detailed security reports with specifics for all of your security requests. We can schedule free one-on-one meetings with all local business executives and clients in London (specifically, Haringey) in addition to reports and assessments. Get in touch now.


sense of security and peace of mind

  • Adequate security is essential for business owners, as it guarantees 100% peace of mind.
  • Adequate security assists in the reduction of insurance premiums.
  • Adequate security mitigates risks including vandalism, theft, and assault.


Knowing that you have appropriate security solutions to safeguard your residential and commercial premises means you will never have to worry about responding to late-night duty calls. Spare your staff and family the risk of responding to any security duty request; when you work with Metropolitan Security Services, our security guard will take on the sole responsibility of patrolling your premises at regular intervals in search of any potential crimes or security breaches. The presence of our uniformed security guards actively monitoring unusual activities on your premises is one of the most effective crime-deterrent solutions. 

At Metropolitan Security Services, we go beyond just protecting assets and properties; we offer security guard officers with excellent interpersonal skills. All our security guards go through consistent emotional intelligence training so as to enhance their knowledge and skills to deal with any security issue with as little disruption as possible. Our team has managed to maintain a resounding reputation based on proven aptitude, a clean appearance, courteous manners, and their ability to manage the most testing security situations. 


the importance of time and communication in security

Communication is an important aspect of security; when there is a lack of proper communication within any security system, that security automatically becomes inadequate. Every security guard we provide is capable of relating, engaging, and communicating appropriately when they are carrying out their duties. For businesses’ security guards will actively improve your customer care services with their excellent communication skills while they protect your businesses from any threatening environment. In residential estates, security guards will actively use interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence to identify, inspect, and monitor any unusual activities within these residential premises.

Time is one of the most crucial aspects of security, which will determine its adequacy. Whenever a security alert emerges, a security guard is expected to respond immediately and attend to the alert. Alarm systems, CCTV cameras, and other security devices can generate security alerts, but these devices cannot take action to deal with security threats. Metropolitan Security Services understands that delays in responding to a security alert can lead to the loss of property and valuable assets. which is why we adhere to the policy of responding to every security alert with immediate action to safeguard properties and assets, even on short notice. If your current security systems are lacking in their response time, this means you have an inadequate security solution. Do not risk losing any valuable assets due to poor protection response time. Supplement your security systems with our immediate response services and enjoy the guarantee of adequacy within your security systems.


comprehensive security solutions

Metropolitan Security Services offers a comprehensive range of security services for private clients and businesses. We have worked with event managers, retails businesses, construction companies, corporate offices, educational centres, parks, shopping malls, and more. The services we provide include:


a happy safe and secure new year with 24 hour protection every day from metropolitan security services
  • Manned/static guarding security services
  • Mobile patrol services
  • Keyholding services
  • Alarm response services
  • Event security services
  • Lock and unlocks services
  • Reception security services
  • Canine security service
  • And more…

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    Security Solutions For Housing Associations

    Housing Association Security

    security solutions for housing associations

    "Why Is Security Crucial To Housing Associations?"

    It is undeniable that housing associations play crucial roles in accommodating thousands of people in communities by providing affordable housing. in order to provide good service, housing associations are responsible for attending to the needs of their tenants, such as making repairs and doing housekeeping. Registered social landlords are responsible for taking into account the protection, safety, and security of their tenants. 

    Any premises, regardless of its function, is vulnerable to several forms of risk. which is why Metropolitan Security Services is working together with housing associations to support local communities in creating safe and secure living environments. We provide bespoke security services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, taking into account budgetary constraints and developing preventative solutions and action plans to mitigate the risks associated with crime, such as property theft and anti-social behavior. 

    All our security guards are SIA-licensed, qualified, certified, insured, and experienced enough to attend to and take control of any security situation that may arise at a residential premise. We value social values and ethics, which is why we offer security guards with excellent interpersonal skills capable of using emotional intelligence to detect, inspect, and monitor unusual activities. Aside from performing regular patrols to deter and control potential crimes, our security guards will be solely responsible for working with security monitoring devices such as alarm systems, CCTVs, motion detectors, and biometric authenticators, among others. 

    Get in touch now. Consult with our security experts for free. Get a free security and risk assessment along with a detailed report of security measures required to secure your specific residential premise. Alternatively, set up a free meeting and meet with our security experts. 

    get intouch now

    Improving Living Standards

    When we work with private registered providers of social housing, our security guards will take on the responsibility of improving the living conditions for tenants on behalf of housing associations. For example, if our security officers detect dampness, mold, leaks, or electrical faults, they will immediately notify the appropriate authorities. This means the presence of metro security officers making regular patrols and inspections in search of any possible risk, that might affect the wellbeing of tenants will mitigate tenants’ complaints and dissatisfactions. Metro security guards will conduct thorough inspections daily to look for any security breaches on your premises, and if any are discovered, they will take immediate action to eliminate any threats and restore your premises’ security status. In large estates, housing associations are responsible for accommodating different families from different social backgrounds, and obviously, in some cases, some families might have anti-social behaviours that might affect the neighbouring families. It is necessary for housing associations to work with security guards with enough social and emotional intelligence to detect, identify, monitor, and control antisocial behaviors. 

    Attention To Minor Grievances And Information Dissemination

    To provide tenants with better service, housing, and living conditions, housing associations must pay close attention to feedback and complaints. Private registered providers of social housing can improve the quality of their service by attending to grievances and resolving complaints from tenants. Security guards can serve as an extra set of eyes and ears for registered social landlords. One of the primary duties of security officers working with housing associations is to make use of their excellent interpersonal skills to engage in conversations, including listening to petty grievances, complaints, and feedback from tenants. Information and feedback are crucial to housing associations, as they will point out specific areas in need of improvement. When a housing association consistently uses this information to improve areas of weakness, their service will improve as well as their reputation. Attending to tenants’ grievances builds up trust, hence creating strong relationships between tenants and registered social landlords. When housing associations and tenants create strong bonds, this means the associations will mitigate losses and unnecessary expenditures on their properties, which might be brought about by unhappy or dissatisfied tenants. On behalf of the housing association, Metro security guards will pay attention to tenants’ minor grievances, submitting the information to the appropriate authorities of the association. 

    security guards will serve as an extra set of eyes and ears for housing assosiations

    Theft And Vandalism

    Dealing with theft and vandalism is one of the most common challenges faced by registered social landlords on their premises. Theft and vandalism can be either external or internal. Internal theft and vandalism involve tenants stealing from their neighbours and the destruction or misuse of housing association property by tenants, whereas external theft and vandalism would be carried out by intruders or non-tenants. These criminally unacceptable activities have a huge negative economic impact on private registered providers of social housing and can result in major setbacks. But housing associations can save their organisations a great deal of money, property, and assets from theft and vandalism by working together with a local private security guard company like Metropolitan Security Services to safeguard and protect their premises. Besides working with security monitoring devices to control and monitor vandalism and theft, working together with the police and local authorities enables us to guarantee 100% complete security and protection against theft and vandalism 

    Making use of security guards to safeguard and protect the security of tenants and properties is one of the most cost-effective ways for housing associations to improve their services. At Metropolitan Security Services, we serve and assist in building safe and secure living conditions for our communities, which is why we have special security solutions for housing associations.

    Whether an association is managing large estates to accommodate families, small facilities to cater for the elderly, or homeless hostels, whatever purpose it serves, we offer non-budget constraining solutions. We understand how housing associations’ security requests are unique and determined by the purpose they serve. As a result, we work closely with each association to develop and provide a bespoke security service. Get in touch now to consult with our housing association experts for free. as they can provide you with a detailed report of all the security measures required to improve and secure your services. 

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      How To Protect, Secure, And Enjoy Christmas In Haringey

      How To Protect, Secure, And Enjoy Christmas In Haringey

      how to protect and secure Christmas in Haringey

      Christmas comes with love and the spirit of sharing and caring. It is the most wonderful time of the year, when everyone has to relieve themselves of worries, stress, and uncertainty to share quality time and care with their loved ones. But unfortunately, instead of sharing and caring, selfish, greedy criminals like burglars and petty thieves prefer breaking into homes, properties, residences, and business premises to execute their crime-related activities. At Metropolitan Security Services, we believe that everyone deserves 100% peace of mind, and no criminal must unlawfully threaten the peace and security of any business, resident, property, or assets belonging to anyone living in Haringey. As a result, we work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year to ensure the safety and security of local businesses and residents in Haringey. 

      No one must ever steal away the joy, happiness, care, and love that come along with the Christmas season from anyone. We are not just a regular private security guard company selling security services; we are a loyal business partner and an ethical company that respects and upholds the social values of our communities. which is why we aim to respond to every security request within the shortest possible space of time, even on short notice. This means you will never have to worry about how you will secure, protect, and enjoy Christmas in Haringey, as we will take sole responsibility to safeguard and protect all your interests. It is our primary duty to relieve you of any worries, stress, or uncertainties that affect your peace and to share love and care during this holiday season.

      Your Christmas Gift From Metropolitan Security Services

      your christmas gift from metropolitan security services

      This Christmas, Metropolitan Security Services has lots of love, care, and offers to share with local Haringey-based businesses and residents. When you work with us, it is our priority to provide adequate, bespoke security solutions. As a result, we first consult with you to understand your security requirements before designing a customised service to meet them, and all our consultations are free of charge. Aside from offering free consultations, you can schedule a security meetup in Haringey at any time, and our security experts will meet with you. These meetings are free; you are not entitled to pay anything. 


      Metropolitan security experts can perform appropriate security and risk assessments as well as provide a detailed report of every security measure required to enhance your current security systems if there are any in place, and these reports and assessments are free of charge. Get in touch now with our security experts and reap all the advantages of working together in partnership with Metropolitan Security Services.


      We Secure, Protect, And Safeguard Residences, Properties, And Local Haringey Businesses During The Holiday Seasons.

      Over the years, we have kept a reputation for excellent services in Haringey by working closely with clients to understand their security needs so that we can provide them with unique security solutions for their specific needs. Since we can provide SIA-licenced, certified, qualified, insured, and experienced security guards, we guarantee that you will enjoy the benefits of having adequate protection and security. All our security officers constantly go through technical training to make sure they are kept up to date with the latest technologies within the security industry. which means metropolitan security guards are equipped with adequate training, skills, and knowledge to deal with security monitoring devices like CCTVs, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, biometric authenticators, and alarm systems, among others. Inspecting, detecting, and monitoring unusual behaviours or any suspicious criminal activities that might threaten your security is among the sole duties of security guards. Security offices are tasked with performing regular patrols in search of any possible security breaches, and if any are found, immediate action is taken to eliminate any potential threat.

      Everything we do at Metropolitan Security Services is all about you, and our goal is to provide first-class security in accordance with established British standards. We work hand in hand with the police, local authorities, and emergency services to enhance the quality of protection, security, and response offered to all our clients. Supplementary security services are part of the packages we offer, which means if you already have inadequate protection and security protocols in place to safeguard your interests, we fill in the gaps. Whether you are looking for short-term, long-term, or one-time services, look no further for additional security. Mobile patrols, key holding, canine security, alarm response, and the locking and unlocking of premises are among our protection packages.

      Christmas Wishes From Metropolitan Security Services

      We are a part of the Haringey local residential and commercial community, working together with businesses and individuals to create secure working and living environments in Haringey. As much as we honour and respect our community’s social values and ethics, the Metro Security Team would like to wish every family, business, and individual a safe and secure Christmas holiday filled with abundance of love, care, and joy. Metropolitan Security Services will continue to serve the Haringey community with love, respect, and honour, meaning that whenever anyone has any security request at any time, we will be ready and available to serve and protect. Do not hesitate to contact us. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

      WISHING you a safe and secure christmass holiday frpm Metropolitan security services

      Even On Short Notice, We Respond Immediately To All Security Requests.

      Time is a valuable and precious asset in life. Every second counts. In security, it is crucial to utilise time appropriately, especially when responding to emergencies or attending to security alerts raised by alarms, surveillance cameras, and CCTV’s, among others. Besides offering emergency backup security services, we respond immediately and restore any security request, call, or alert on a 24-hour basis. Get in touch now and learn more about how you can reap all the advantages and benefits of working together with us.


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        Residential And Estate Security Services In Haringey

        Residential And Estate Security Services In Haringey

        Residential and commercial security in Haringey

        Estate managers and property owners are responsible for ensuring the safety and protection of residents or tenants living on their properties. According to the law, tenants and residents have every right to live in a secure environment where they feel safe without being threatened or exposed to any kind of harmful condition that might affect their well-being. If estate managers and property owners do not take the necessary security measures required to guarantee the safety and protection of residents and tenants accommodated on their land or properties, they are likely to end up on the wrong side of the law. 


        Why The Protection Of Residents And Tenants Is Important

        Property owners or estate managers can be penalised or heavily fined if they do not protect and safeguard the well-being of residents and tenants. When a resident or tenant is harmed, exposed to danger, or loses their personal property on your residential estate, the property owner and estate managers must account for the losses incurred by the people living on their properties. which is why at Metropolitan Security Services we work closely with property managers and owners to provide security guards and services that guarantee the safety and protection of residents, tenants, and everyone else living on your estate or property. 

        Property owners and estate managers can be penalised or heavily fined if they do not protect and safeguard the well being of residents and tenants

        How To Provide Adequate Security For Tenants And Residents In Haringey

        For years in Haringey, we have been providing highly trained, SIA-licensed, insured, qualified, certified, and experienced security guards to secure local residences and estates. Even though residences and estates might generally look the same, we know and understand how residences and estates are unique and require customised security services. For this reason, we prioritise the provision of a unique, bespoke security solution for your specific residence or estate. Get in touch now to consult with our residential and estate security experts for free. We offer free security and risk assessments along with detailed reports of every security protocol required to safeguard and protect the well-being of residents and tenants residing on your property or estate. 


        Besides protecting residents and protecting you from suffering the consequences brought on by not having adequate security for your residential estate, when you work with Metropolitan Security Service, we take sole responsibility for securing your entire estate. Our security officers will conduct patrols in search of any security breaches. If any are found, security guards are tasked with taking immediate action to protect, restore, and secure the security status of your estate. Without constant monitoring, some residents can be toxic or might engage in unacceptable behaviors or activities that might threaten the security of other tenants. Our security guards will use their excellent interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence to detect, monitor, inspect, and control unusual behaviors among tenants. The presence of metropolitan security guards on your residential estate means that you will never have to worry about misunderstandings or conflicts among tenants, as these security officers are equipped to handle such security issues quickly and professionally.

        Safeguarding And Protecting Residences, Estates, And Properties In Haringey

        Our Mission is to provide first class security services

        Security monitoring devices like CCTVs, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, biometric authenticators, and alarm systems are among the most effective ways of securing residences and estates in Haringey. These technological security measures would provide an excellent monitoring, detection, and inspection system to enhance the safety and protection of residential and estate facilities. However, the facts will always be that these technological security monitoring devices require the attention of a professional security guard in order to perform optimally and guarantee safety. 

        Our Mission Is To Provide First-Class Professional Security Services

        Our mission is to provide first-class professional security services. As a result, we always ensure that all our security officers receive ongoing technical training to improve their abilities to deal with and work with the most recent technology. We always stick to the policy of responding to every security emergency with immediate action, even on short notice and on a 24-hour basis. This means that whenever one of these devices generates a security alert, it is solely the responsibility of our security guard officers to take immediate action and respond to the alert in the shortest amount of time possible. Besides taking control of every security situation that might arise at your residential properties, metropolitan security guards will maintain, inspect, operate, and work with any technological security monitoring system. Hence, you would never have to worry about the security of your property or residential estate as satisfaction is guaranteed. 

        In cases of medical emergencies, all our security guards are equipped with enough knowledge and qualifications to provide emergency first aid. Similarly, if there is a fire at your residential estate, our security guard officers have the necessary certification to take immediate action to protect residents and tenants. At Metropolitan Security Services, we work together with the police, local authorities, and emergency services. This means that, no matter how confident we are in our abilities, we always put our clients first. 

        By joining forces with the police and emergency services, we can guarantee the security, safety, and 100% protection of residences and estates in Haringey. When we work with property owners, managers, tenants, and residents, we respect and honour social values among people. which is why we provide security guards with strong reception and communication skills for local Haringey residences and estate protection. since security guards are the first reliable visual point of contact for residents, tenants, or anyone visiting your property. Security guards will actively participate in the dissemination of information, providing directions, and identifying and assisting anyone in need. 

        Supplementing Security Services In Haringey

        In addition to having professionally licenced SIA security guards and security monitoring

        In addition to having professionally licenced SIA security guards and security monitoring systems, property owners and managers can enhance their residential and estate security with mobile patrols and security dogs. The presence of marked security vehicles constantly patrolling your residential facility will deter criminal and potential crime-related activities on your property. While the presence of highly trained security dogs accompanied by professionally licenced security dog handlers will take the security of your estate facility to the next level and send a clear message to criminals not to easily target your property,

        get in touch now. Consult with our residential and commercial security experts for free and get a free security and risk assessment along with a detailed report of every security measure required to enhance the protection of your residential property. 

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