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What makes a good security officer in the UK?

The term “Security Officer” is much more complex than that of a “Security Guard”, security officers are supposed to engage in a wide variety of tasks whereas a security guard supposedly “holds” a post. There is a growing demand for security officers in the UK who are tasked with patrolling, checking, securing premises, equipment and inspection of various elements under their horizon. A sharp set of skills rather than uniqueness is what makes a security officer stand out from others because a big part of their job involves protecting their employer’s interests. Following are some elements that makes a security officer stand out from others: Proper Certification: Proper certification by the relevant authorities allows the security officer to be officially proficient in their trade, various certifications depict that a security officer is fit to perform his/her duties and can be employed by various employers. One of the most common licenses a security officer must have is a SIA license which certifies that a security officer is fit for the job is adequately eligible! Without proper certification and SIA license a security officer is cannot carry out his/her tasks. Proper Training and Knowledge of Operations: How can one be called a “security officer” if he/she doesn’t know what they are supposed to do? This is why proper training is a mandatory aspect of being a security officer, a good security officer not only secures the certification of training but aces it. Proper training is also required by the law and serves as the most defining aspect on the list of traits of a good security officer. Communication Skills: Often Security Officers are faced with a situation that is caused by simple lack of communications or gaps in communication, A good security officer is proficient in communicating with the general public in a precise and smooth manner without causing literary barriers. Communication also plays a role in following instructions; a good security officer always knows how to deal/follow/absorb instructions from their employers or superiors. Good communication adds a plus point in the abilities of an ideal security officer and allows them to carry out their tasks efficiently and accurately. Sharpness: By the term sharpness, It is referred to alertness and having a precise eye in all quadrants, a good security officer has his eyes peeled on his/her objective and this skill plays a great role in defining their occupations and protecting their employer’s interests from potential threats which may not be visible to the normal eye. A good security officer is always aware of his/her surroundings. Agility: Agility serves a very important role in the routine of a security officer, sometimes their occupation may require them to jump, run and scale some obstacles to protect what they are supposed to protect. A good security officer is always full of stamina and ready to handle various trespassing/violation of rules related situations that may be faced by these officers. Agility also contributes in maintaining the health of these security officers allowing them to be more physically active.  
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