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Festive Season Security Guards

Festive Season Security guards

Most criminals take advantage of the festive season’s commotion to victimise their targeted businesses and individuals. Given that most people will have lots of money to spend on valuable gifts to share the love of the holiday spirit that comes with Christmas, petty thieves and robbers have a reason to take advantage of any vulnerable businesses and individuals to get away with their crimes. It is necessary for you to protect your loved ones, homes, and businesses during the holiday. Whether you intend to leave your home vacant while on a holiday trip to spend quality time with your loved ones or you intend to close your business for the holiday season, whatever the case, you must never leave your property and assets exposed to any threat or harmful environment. 


For years at Metropolitan Security Services, we have provided first-class festive season security guards to safeguard and protect properties and businesses throughout the Christmas holiday. We have maintained a reputation for excellence by working closely with clients to provide bespoke commercial and residential festive season security solutions in London and the surrounding areas. 


Commercial Security Services for the Festive Season

While some local businesses like restaurants, retailers, lodges, and hotels become more active during the Christmas holidays, others like construction, schools, and warehouses are likely to close down for the holiday season. Every business, whether active or inactive, must be protected for the following reasons: 

1) crowd control while shopping 

The holiday season is characterised by massive shopping, which means retailers will have to deal with huge numbers of people moving in and out of their stores. Without proper monitoring, shopping crowds can be chaotic. For this reason, it is necessary for retailers to hire professional, SIA-licensed security guards to assist, control, and monitor shopping crowds. Besides thieves, who usually take advantage of crowds to steal from shops, the presence of security guards in store means you will have someone to inspect, detect, and monitor the unusual behaviours of certain individuals within certain shopping crowds and take precise action to protect your business. 

2) Quality customer service 

We know how our security guards will be seen as visible, trusted members of your staff. As a result, our local holiday security guards are trained to use their emotional intelligence and excellent interpersonal skills to identify any customer in need of assistance and to provide it. By immediately engaging and attending to customers, disseminating information, and providing directions where necessary, security guards will create a great customer experience and a safe, healthy environment for your store during the busy holiday season. We only provide security guards who have all of the necessary certifications, licenses, insurance, qualifications, and expertise to provide 24 hour protection for your business at Metropolitan Security Services. 


Businesses that close for the holidays

If you’re running a local business in Haringey that closes during the holiday, it is necessary that you have proper security protocols in place to safeguard your business and its valuable assets. Using technological security devices such as CCTVs, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and activating alarms are some of the best options. However, if you want to secure your business with 100% guaranteed protection, these devices alone will not suffice. You will need a security guard to monitor, maintain, operate, and imminently respond and attend to any security alert from these devices in your absence. 

Besides having manned security guards stationed at your business premises, mobile patrols can be a perfect alternative for any business willing to have their premises guarded on a lower budget. To deter criminals, our mobile patrol security officers will regularly visit your business premises in full uniform and marked security vehicles. They will physically perform a thorough inspection of any security breach and take any necessary action to ensure your company’s complete protection. Our alarm response team has managed to adhere to the policy of responding to every security occurrence as soon as possible, even on short notice, and they are capable of responding to any security emergency 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During your holiday vacation, you must never worry about responding to late-night duty calls, responding to alarms, or inspecting any cameras. We provide the best, first-class keyholding service for Haringey businesses. For extra protection, we offer top-notch security dogs and professional dog handlers. Get in touch now and consult with our holiday season security guard experts for free. You will receive free security and risk assessment for your company, as well as a detailed report outlining every security measure required to ensure your company’s complete protection.  

Residential Security Services for the Festive Season 

During the holiday season, not only businesses and commercial services require safety and protection, but also vacant properties, estates, and residential communities must be protected from any potential threat or harmful environment. Anyone who will leave their homes to spend quality time with their loved ones during the holidays may find that their house is a vulnerable target for burglars to break into. Someone will have to keep a close eye on their properties in their absence, respond to alarms, deter, and monitor any potential criminal activities on these properties. For larger estates and residential communities, there would be a lot of movement as people would be visiting family, friends, and loved ones to share the love that comes with the Christmas spirit. This is a good opportunity for criminals to blend in, penetrate, and exploit vulnerable households. which necessitates the services of estate managers to prioritise the security and protection of every resident, and these can be guaranteed by hiring professional security personnel with exceptional experience and adequate knowledge to identify, monitor, control, and eliminate every potential crime and any related activity without affecting the peace and security of any residents within the environment. 


Haringey Christmas security 

If you are looking for private security guards for this Christmas holiday or a private local security guard company capable of providing bespoke security solutions for your specific requests, then Metropolitan Security Services is your first and best option for satisfaction. We ensure the safety and protection of local residents within their residential communities, in addition to providing the best solutions to protect businesses during holidays such as the festive season holiday season.

Our expertise includes covering festive season events, so if you are looking to host local events in Haringey, look no further for event security guards. Whether you are planning a small or large event, we can assure you that security should not be one of your worries or concerns when you work with us. Get in touch now and consult for free with our local Haringey security experts for first-class, top-notch, bespoke security solutions. 

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    “Events” Are Back, We Have Your Back “Security”

    Notting Hill Carnival returns to the streets.

    One of the world’s biggest celebrations, Notting Hill Carnival, returns to the streets of West London in 2022 for the first time since 2019. For two years, festivities have been strictly virtual, but now it’s time to be back on the road to see the colourful world of Mas, Soca, Calypso, sound systems, and so much more in splendid real life.  

    Fringe street events

    Street performers will perform within the circles of people. They are capable of entertaining audiences for 45 minutes with a combination of circus skills and comedy. The Fringe Street events are performed by registered Fringe show participants. You can take part in the Fringe Street events to showcase and promote your show by performing an extract on the street. 

    The Edinburgh International Festival

    For three weeks in August, Scotland’s capital becomes an unparalleled celebration of the performing arts and an annual meeting point for people of all nations. The International Festival presents a programme featuring the finest performers and ensembles from the worlds of dance, opera, music and theatre. 

    Events are back. We have your back.

    Every event planner will agree with us that the strength of a very successful event is determined by the security of both the participants and the audience at an event. It is undeniable that everyone’s safety is a priority, whether they are part of a small or big event. This is where Metropolitan Security Services comes in to offer professional assistance with the provision of top-notch event security officers in the UK. 


    Metropolitan Security Services provides bespoke event security services for all kinds of events in the UK. We have a national presence throughout the UK, and we are available 24hours and 365days in a year. Our events security officers are SIA-approved and fully trained to proactively deal with any security issue that may arise at your venue. 

    Besides ensuring that your event is fully secured, our event security officers can also perform other kinds of duties, including welcoming your guests, ticket inspection, checking bags, directing guests to their seats, crowd management, performing first aid, parking management and more. We have been offering events security services in the UK since 1985 and pride ourselves as not only UK’s premier security company but also as one of the best hands to trust with your security needs in the industry. 

    Bespoke Security Solution for Your Events 

    At Metropolitan Security Services, keeping your staff, guests, and assets safe is our utmost priority. We understand our clients’ needs are different, and no two events are the same. So, we offer tailored security solutions based on the needs of each of our clients. Our security experts will liaise with your team to understand the kind of events you are having, inspect the venue, identify potential breaches and note down the security duties that may be required at your event. 

    Subsequently, we’ll design a bespoke security solution for you and handpick the best officers for your event. Our officers carry out their duties in compliant with the highest standard of excellence. We can provide security for a wide range of events, including: 

    Private events 

    Corporate meetings 

    Music concerts and festivals 

    Film launches 

    Sporting events 

    College parties 

    Religious and cultural events 

    Political conventions 

    Large-scale events 

    Birthdays, weddings, and more. 

    Event Security Services That Guarantees Peace of Mind 

    Metropolitan Security Services can assist you with advance security planning for your event, threat assessment, crowd control and issue prevention. When there is a crisis, our experienced guards can respond to it and put the situation under control in no time. What more, our event security guards are polite, presentable, and fully-trained to ensure your event runs without disruption.  

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