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How To Protect, Secure, And Enjoy Christmas In Haringey

How To Protect, Secure, And Enjoy Christmas In Haringey

Christmas comes with love and the spirit of sharing and caring. It is the most wonderful time of the year, when everyone has to relieve themselves of worries, stress, and uncertainty to share quality time and care with their loved ones. But unfortunately, instead of sharing and caring, selfish, greedy criminals like burglars and petty thieves prefer breaking into homes, properties, residences, and business premises to execute their crime-related activities. At Metropolitan Security Services, we believe that everyone deserves 100% peace of mind, and no criminal must unlawfully threaten the peace and security of any business, resident, property, or assets belonging to anyone living in Haringey. As a result, we work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year to ensure the safety and security of local businesses and residents in Haringey. 

No one must ever steal away the joy, happiness, care, and love that come along with the Christmas season from anyone. We are not just a regular private security guard company selling security services; we are a loyal business partner and an ethical company that respects and upholds the social values of our communities. which is why we aim to respond to every security request within the shortest possible space of time, even on short notice. This means you will never have to worry about how you will secure, protect, and enjoy Christmas in Haringey, as we will take sole responsibility to safeguard and protect all your interests. It is our primary duty to relieve you of any worries, stress, or uncertainties that affect your peace and to share love and care during this holiday season.

your Christmas gift from Metropolitan Security Services

This Christmas, Metropolitan Security Services has lots of love, care, and offers to share with local Haringey-based businesses and residents. When you work with us, it is our priority to provide adequate, bespoke security solutions. As a result, we first consult with you to understand your security requirements before designing a customised service to meet them, and all our consultations are free of charge. Aside from offering free consultations, you can schedule a security meetup in Haringey at any time, and our security experts will meet with you. These meetings are free; you are not entitled to pay anything. 


Metropolitan security experts can perform appropriate security and risk assessments as well as provide a detailed report of every security measure required to enhance your current security systems if there are any in place, and these reports and assessments are free of charge. Get in touch now with our security experts and reap all the advantages of working together in partnership with Metropolitan Security Services.


We secure, protect, and safeguard residences, properties, and local Haringey businesses during the holiday seasons.

Over the years, we have kept a reputation for excellent services in Haringey by working closely with clients to understand their security needs so that we can provide them with unique security solutions for their specific needs. Since we can provide SIA-licenced, certified, qualified, insured, and experienced security guards, we guarantee that you will enjoy the benefits of having adequate protection and security. All our security officers constantly go through technical training to make sure they are kept up to date with the latest technologies within the security industry. which means metropolitan security guards are equipped with adequate training, skills, and knowledge to deal with security monitoring devices like CCTVs, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, biometric authenticators, and alarm systems, among others. Inspecting, detecting, and monitoring unusual behaviours or any suspicious criminal activities that might threaten your security is among the sole duties of security guards. Security offices are tasked with performing regular patrols in search of any possible security breaches, and if any are found, immediate action is taken to eliminate any potential threat.

Everything we do at Metropolitan Security Services is all about you, and our goal is to provide first-class security in accordance with established British standards. We work hand in hand with the police, local authorities, and emergency services to enhance the quality of protection, security, and response offered to all our clients. Supplementary security services are part of the packages we offer, which means if you already have inadequate protection and security protocols in place to safeguard your interests, we fill in the gaps. Whether you are looking for short-term, long-term, or one-time services, look no further for additional security. Mobile patrols, key holding, canine security, alarm response, and the locking and unlocking of premises are among our protection packages.


Christmas wishes from Metropolitan Security Services

We are a part of the Haringey local residential and commercial community, working together with businesses and individuals to create secure working and living environments in Haringey. As much as we honour and respect our community’s social values and ethics, the Metro Security Team would like to wish every family, business, and individual a safe and secure Christmas holiday filled with abundance of love, care, and joy. Metropolitan Security Services will continue to serve the Haringey community with love, respect, and honour, meaning that whenever anyone has any security request at any time, we will be ready and available to serve and protect. Do not hesitate to contact us. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Even on short notice, we respond immediately to all security requests. 

Time is a valuable and precious asset in life. Every second counts. In security, it is crucial to utilise time appropriately, especially when responding to emergencies or attending to security alerts raised by alarms, surveillance cameras, and CCTV’s, among others. Besides offering emergency backup security services, we respond immediately and restore any security request, call, or alert on a 24-hour basis. Get in touch now and learn more about how you can reap all the advantages and benefits of working together with us.


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    How Businesses Can Deal With Internal Security Threats

    How Businesses Can Deal With Internal Security Threats

    If you don’t take precautions to protect your business from security threats, you will risk losing a great deal of money, property, and assets, and in worse-case scenarios, you might risk losing your entire business. A business security threat is any situation, condition, or environment that has a negative impact on the productivity, growth, or expansion of your business. Anything that can result in your business or company suffering financial or physical losses is considered a security threat. 


    Local businesses in Haringey suffer at the expense of these security threats.

    Every day, local businesses in Haringey suffer at the expense of these security threats, which can be either external or internal. When employees steal, use, or misuse business assets (property) without the employer’s consent or the company’s authorization, this is known as employee theft. Theft from employees is one very good example of an internal security threat. Besides theft-related issues: anything that happens within the organization of your business or company that might lead to loss or damage of property is defined as an “internal security threat.” Employees may express themselves in unacceptable or aggressive behaviours for a variety of reasons, which may result in businesses being vandalized. In simple terms, vandalism-related activities by your staff and employees are another example of an internal security threat to your business. When machines, appliances, or electrical equipment are not properly monitored, or maybe they are not properly switched off, this is a recipe for creating a dangerous working environment besides increasing unnecessary expenditures and bills for the company. 


    Abuse or misuse of company working hours or production

    Abuse or misuse of company working hours or production hours is another internal security threat that is often overlooked by business owners. Without constant monitoring, employees often take advantage of their employers’ absence to use work production hours to attend to their personal issues; if this goes out of hand, this means the productivity of the company is reduced, which has a direct impact on the company’s profits, returns, revenue, and income streams. Depending on your specific business model, internal security threats differ, which is why at Metropolitan Security Services we consult and work closely with you to develop bespoke security solutions. Get in touch now to consult with our internal security threats experts for free and get a free security and risk assessment, along with a detailed report of every security protocol required to protect your business from every internal security threat. 

    Close monitoring of business property assets

    The most recommended solution to deal with internal security threats is close monitoring of business property and assets. This can be done by working with professional security guards within the internal structures of your company or business. Metropolitan Security Services is a private Haringey security guard company that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide close monitoring security services to businesses, assets, and properties. For many years, we have worked closely with Haringey businesses and communities to provide first-class residential and commercial security guards and services in accordance with British established standards. To guarantee satisfaction for the close monitoring of your business, property, or assets, we only offer security guards with enough qualifications, certifications, insurance, SIA licensing, and experience to effectively attend to any security situation.


    Security Guards vs. Internal Security Threats

    Security guards will perform regular mobile patrols in search of any internal security breaches or potential internal threats against your business. If any are found, a security guard is tasked with taking immediate action to restore the security of your businesses. The responsibilities of these security officers include performing thorough risk and security assessments, identifying and eliminating threats, and restoring security and protection status. Depending on the security threat level, security guards are equipped with enough skills and training to deal with internal security threat issues swiftly and with the minimum of disruption, as well as work together with the police, emergency services, and local authorities. In case of medical and fire emergencies and threats, all our security guards have received training and certification in emergency first aid at work and firefighting skills to protect your business. This means when you have our security personnel working within your business organization, you don’t have to worry about handling any security emergencies that might threaten your business, property, staff, or assets. 

    In your absence, security guards will work closely with your staff and employees, and security officers will solely have the responsibility to identify, monitor, and inspect unusual  behaviours among employees. Security guards will serve as an extra eye for your businesses; they will keep a close watch on theft or vandalism-related activities and take every necessary action to protect your businesses from any of these threats. In the presence of security guards, it is difficult for employees to misuse or abuse working or production hours. One of the most significant benefits of having security guards handle and combat internal security threats is that nothing will ever go missing from your business because everything will be accounted for. Security officers are responsible for the accountability of everything that goes in and out of your business; they are tasked with carrying out searches on individuals, delivery vehicles, and traffic where necessary. 

    security monitoring devices

    CCTVs, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, alarms, and biometric authenticators can be used to effectively monitor, detect, inspect, and control internal security threats. Security guards play a crucial role in ensuring that these security monitoring devices always perform at their best. As a result, at Metropolitan Security Services, we always ensure that all of our security guards receive regular tech training to keep them up to date on the latest security technological systems. In order for security monitoring devices to guarantee 100% satisfaction, they must be managed, maintained, and operated only by qualified security personnel with relevant experience, licensing, and skills in working with these devices. 


    Every business is unique and requires unique security solutions and protection against specific internal security threats. Contact us right away for a free consultation with our internal security threats experts, who can create a bespoke security solution tailored to your specific business. 


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      How to Prevent and Control Employee Theft in Haringey

      How to Prevent and Control Employee Theft in Haringey

      When your staff steal, use, or misuse company property (assets) without your permission or the company’s authorization, this is defined as employee theft. In the past 5 years, there has been an increase in reports that local businesses in Haringey have suffered at the expense of employees stealing, using, and misusing their employers’ properties without express consent. If employers do not attend to preventing or controlling the issue of employee theft, their businesses could suffer great financial losses. Besides, local Haringey companies are losing a great deal of money and assets due to employee theft. Before you proceed with reading this post, you should ask yourself a few questions. 


      1. Are all your employees loyal and honest?
      2. How vulnerable is your company to employee theft?
      3. How do you deal with employee theft and protect your company?
      4. Do you have any security or protection against theft from employees?
      5. How reliable are your security measures against theft from employees?


      Business Evaluation Against Employee Theft

      If you need any assistance in evaluating the security status of your company or business against employee theft, then get in touch now! We offer free consultations, security and risk assessments, and a detailed report on your company’s current employee theft status. While it is necessary to secure every aspect of your company from any potential threat or harmful environment, employers often overlook internal security issues and then turn to focus more on protecting their businesses from external security threats. 

      Yet internal security issues can do more damage to your business than you realize. Prevention is always better than resolving an issue, which is why every employer must make sure they have adequate, reliable security protocols to protect their companies from both internal and external security threats. The fact remains that not everyone you hire will be faithful, reliable, and trustworthy in their work with you. For various reasons, certain individuals will be interested in stealing from you.

       It gets worse when unfaithful employees become toxic and begin influencing other faithful workers to join them in committing such crimes. Besides stealing tangible assets from your company, when employees steal or misuse time, this can have a huge negative impact on the productivity of your company, and there is no doubt that when productivity is affected, the company’s returns, profits, and income are directly reduced. 


      How To Deal With Employee Theft

      Considering that your staff is equipped with enough knowledge and understanding of every aspect of the company they work with, without monitoring and inspection, dishonest and unfaithful staff could take advantage of such knowledge to collaborate with their fellow non-staff to execute bigger theft operations. One good example would be the use of delivery vehicles to smuggle out valuable assets from your company during working hours. Another example would be that the staff responsible for holding the key to your business premises might come after hours to commit clean undercover theft operations, which can go unnoticed.


      which is why companies must consider having the locking and unlocking of their businesses done by trusted, reliable security providers like Metropolitan Security Services. If you need to guarantee that nothing goes in or out of your company or business without proper accountability, then working with us is one of your best options. We are a Haringey-based private security guard company, and for years we have worked closely together with local businesses to tackle the issue of employee theft.

       We guarantee the provision of a bespoke security solution 24 hours a day, seven days a week because we have been providing locally trained, qualified, certified, SIA licensed, and skilled security guards with enough experience to deal with employee theft issues at your company as quickly and quietly as possible. 


      Prevention And Control Of Theft From Employees

      Monitoring the behaviour and activities of your employees closely is considered one of the best possible options to prevent and control employee theft. As a result, Metropolitan Security Services specialises in providing professional security guards with the capabilities of monitoring, inspecting, and detecting unusual behaviour among your staff and employees. Despite the fact that our security guards will work with the police and local authorities to guarantee the total protection of your company or business, this means you don’t have to worry about anything, as our security officers will deal with staff theft issues immediately

      The presence of security guards alone on your business premises would discourage and demotivate employees from stealing or even attempting to steal, as they would be aware that they were being watched. Employees cannot steal time or misuse business production time in the presence of manned security guards because security officers are seen as an extra set of eyes for the company. Close monitoring, inspection, and searches of delivery vehicles, traffic, and individuals coming in and out of your business premises would make it difficult for a dishonest, unfaithful employee to smuggle or steal company property without being noticed.

       Security devices like CCTVs, surveillance cameras, alarm systems, motion detectors, and biometric authentication all contribute to the protection, prevention, and control of employee theft. These devices are more effective and can guarantee 100% protection when they are operated, monitored, and inspected by skilled, experienced, qualified, and SIA-licensed security officers. which is why we always make sure that every security guard at Metropolitan Security Services constantly goes through tech training to ensure they are always kept up to date when it comes to working with security monitoring devices. 

      Securing And Protecting Your Business From Employee Theft

      Performing regular patrols to monitor, inspect, and take immediate action to protect your business from every possible threat, including theft by employees, is among the duties performed by security guards at your business premises. We guarantee your satisfaction when we are in charge of holding the keyslocking and unlocking your premises, and nothing will ever go missing unaccounted for. We will be solely responsible for closely monitoring unusual visits from both staff and non-staff, as well as any suspicious activity, during and after business hours.


      In addition, we have an alarm response team working together with our entire security teams in accordance with the policy of immediately responding to every security request 24 hours a day. which means no matter what time of the day it is, you will never have to worry about responding to late-night duty calls or attending to any alarms. When we respond to a security alert, request, or call, our security guards are tasked with conducting a thorough inspection in search of security breaches, and if any are discovered, they are responsible for taking immediate action to restore and ensure that your business premises are properly secured and protected. for added security against employee theft or external theft by non-staff, Metropolitan Security Services offers mobile patrols and security dog services accompanied by licenced professional dog handlers. The regular presence of mobile patrol vehicles constantly visiting your business premises will deter potential criminals.

      Contact us right away; we provide free consultations, free security and risk assessments for your business, and a detailed report of every security protocol required to protect and secure your business against employee theft. 


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        Industrial And Warehouse Security In Haringey

        Industrial And Warehouse Security In Haringey

        In Haringey, warehouses serve multiple purposes for local businesses. While most companies rely on them for the storage of stocks of goods, which are valuable assets worth large amounts of money, others use warehouses as strategic facilities to store products and supplies while they prepare them for distribution. For heavy industries, warehouses can be used to store and accommodate heavy machinery and hardware, and for light industries, they can be used as production facilities as well. For whatever purpose a warehouse might serve in Haringey, the fact still stands that these huge facilities are characterised by their capability of storing and accommodating valuable assets worth a great deal of money.

        For this reason, whether it’s petty theft, employee theft, massive break-ins or robberies, warehouses are always a primary target for criminal fortune seekers. Unless businesses and warehouse owners are willing to risk and lose their valuable properties, stock, and assets, they must prioritise securing warehouses with adequate security protocols. Get in touch with our warehouse security experts for free and get a free security and risk assessment for your business, along with a detailed report of every security measure required to secure your facility. 

        Haringey Warehouse Security and Protection

         This post is going to outline some of the security protocols that businesses and warehouse owners can adopt and implement, in order to secure and protect their warehouses from any possible threat or harmful environment. Adequate warehouse security and protection protocols are essential for every business as they reduce operational costs, insurance costs, compensations, and other liabilities that a business may pay to its stakeholders. 



        Surveillance is crucial in industrial and warehouse security, and it comes in two different forms, which can be either security monitoring devices or manned security guards. Security monitoring devices involve the use of CCTVs, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, alarm systems, and biometric authentication, among others. Installing electronic security monitors and devices to inspect and monitor every entrance and exit point of the warehouse, is one of the most recommended actions to protect your facility. While additional electronic monitoring inside and outside your facility would help to protect your property and assets, in order to secure your premises with 100% guaranteed protection,

        you will need professional security personnel at your warehouse and industrial premises. Security personnel or manned security guards will take full responsibility for the inspection, monitoring, operation, and maintenance of your electronic monitors and devices. Responding to alarms and immediately attending to alerts raised by electronic monitors and devices, is one of the main duties performed by security guards in warehouses and industrial facilities. One of the best ways to ensure that nothing goes missing unaccounted for in any warehouse or industrial facility is by having adequate surveillance. 


        Warehouse And Industrial Security Guards

        Metropolitan Security Services only provides top-tier, first-rate warehouse and industrial security guards who have relevant certifications, qualifications, insurance, licensing, and experience. and we have a flawless reputation in Haringey for providing quality warehouse protection to local businesses in accordance with established British standards. Our security officers will maintain a rigorous access control system to ensure all visitors, delivery drivers, labourers, management, and facility staff provide identification upon arrival and sign in and out of the facility while at the same time adhering to every company policy.


        Besides closely inspecting and monitoring unusual behaviours all over the warehouse, our security guards will be a visible eye for your company, tasked with making sure that every employee theft issue is prevented and dealt with as soon as it occurs. Using excellent interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, Metro Sec warehouse security guards are capable of swiftly tackling any security issue that may arise at your facility with as little disruption as possible to your business. Since we understand how security guards are seen as visible, trustworthy employees of your company and are usually the first point of contact for your customers, they have excellent reception skills. The duties of warehouse security guards include performing patrols, crime-deterring searches, and thoroughly inspecting delivery vehicles and traffic for theft and smuggling, among others. 

        Industrial And Warehouse Security Services

        Criminals do not have set work schedules, nor do they work on a fixed timesheet to victimise their next targeted warehouse or industrial facility. which is why at Metropolitan Security Services, we make our services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Even on short notice, we respond to every security emergency with immediate action. For years, local warehouses and industrial facilities in Haringey have been satisfied with our exceptional emergency backup security services. We adhere to the policy of responding to every security call with an active response in the shortest space of time possible, ensuring that no criminal gets away with a crime.

        If you have protection cover under our keyholding service, you will never have to worry about responding to late-night duty calls, nor will you have to risk putting yourself or your staff in any potential danger. No matter what time of day it is, our alarm response team will always respond to every alarm alert immediately and without delay.

        While our lock and unlock service ensures that nothing is smuggled into or out of a warehouse or industrial facility without being noticed or accounted for, you never have to worry about internal criminal activities such as employee undercover theft. This is because only an authorised individual can lock and unlock your facility.

         The presence of our security dogs, accompanied by professional dog handlers, would be the best option to enhance quality security and protection for your warehouse and industrial facility with 100% guaranteed peace of mind. Reinforcing your existing security protocols with mobile patrols is one of the most recommended options to deter external criminal activity like burglary and robbery, among others. The visual presence of marked mobile patrol vehicles regularly patrolling your warehouse and industrial facility will deliver a clear message to potential intruders not to easily target your business for these criminal offenses. 


        Get in touch now, consult with our industrial and warehouse security experts for free, and get a free risk and security assessment with a detailed report of security measures required for your specific business model. 


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          Festive Season Security Guards

          Festive Season Security guards

          Most criminals take advantage of the festive season’s commotion to victimise their targeted businesses and individuals. Given that most people will have lots of money to spend on valuable gifts to share the love of the holiday spirit that comes with Christmas, petty thieves and robbers have a reason to take advantage of any vulnerable businesses and individuals to get away with their crimes. It is necessary for you to protect your loved ones, homes, and businesses during the holiday. Whether you intend to leave your home vacant while on a holiday trip to spend quality time with your loved ones or you intend to close your business for the holiday season, whatever the case, you must never leave your property and assets exposed to any threat or harmful environment. 


          For years at Metropolitan Security Services, we have provided first-class festive season security guards to safeguard and protect properties and businesses throughout the Christmas holiday. We have maintained a reputation for excellence by working closely with clients to provide bespoke commercial and residential festive season security solutions in London and the surrounding areas. 


          Commercial Security Services for the Festive Season

          While some local businesses like restaurants, retailers, lodges, and hotels become more active during the Christmas holidays, others like construction, schools, and warehouses are likely to close down for the holiday season. Every business, whether active or inactive, must be protected for the following reasons: 

          1) crowd control while shopping 

          The holiday season is characterised by massive shopping, which means retailers will have to deal with huge numbers of people moving in and out of their stores. Without proper monitoring, shopping crowds can be chaotic. For this reason, it is necessary for retailers to hire professional, SIA-licensed security guards to assist, control, and monitor shopping crowds. Besides thieves, who usually take advantage of crowds to steal from shops, the presence of security guards in store means you will have someone to inspect, detect, and monitor the unusual behaviours of certain individuals within certain shopping crowds and take precise action to protect your business. 

          2) Quality customer service 

          We know how our security guards will be seen as visible, trusted members of your staff. As a result, our local holiday security guards are trained to use their emotional intelligence and excellent interpersonal skills to identify any customer in need of assistance and to provide it. By immediately engaging and attending to customers, disseminating information, and providing directions where necessary, security guards will create a great customer experience and a safe, healthy environment for your store during the busy holiday season. We only provide security guards who have all of the necessary certifications, licenses, insurance, qualifications, and expertise to provide 24 hour protection for your business at Metropolitan Security Services. 


          Businesses that close for the holidays

          If you’re running a local business in Haringey that closes during the holiday, it is necessary that you have proper security protocols in place to safeguard your business and its valuable assets. Using technological security devices such as CCTVs, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and activating alarms are some of the best options. However, if you want to secure your business with 100% guaranteed protection, these devices alone will not suffice. You will need a security guard to monitor, maintain, operate, and imminently respond and attend to any security alert from these devices in your absence. 

          Besides having manned security guards stationed at your business premises, mobile patrols can be a perfect alternative for any business willing to have their premises guarded on a lower budget. To deter criminals, our mobile patrol security officers will regularly visit your business premises in full uniform and marked security vehicles. They will physically perform a thorough inspection of any security breach and take any necessary action to ensure your company’s complete protection. Our alarm response team has managed to adhere to the policy of responding to every security occurrence as soon as possible, even on short notice, and they are capable of responding to any security emergency 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During your holiday vacation, you must never worry about responding to late-night duty calls, responding to alarms, or inspecting any cameras. We provide the best, first-class keyholding service for Haringey businesses. For extra protection, we offer top-notch security dogs and professional dog handlers. Get in touch now and consult with our holiday season security guard experts for free. You will receive free security and risk assessment for your company, as well as a detailed report outlining every security measure required to ensure your company’s complete protection.  

          Residential Security Services for the Festive Season 

          During the holiday season, not only businesses and commercial services require safety and protection, but also vacant properties, estates, and residential communities must be protected from any potential threat or harmful environment. Anyone who will leave their homes to spend quality time with their loved ones during the holidays may find that their house is a vulnerable target for burglars to break into. Someone will have to keep a close eye on their properties in their absence, respond to alarms, deter, and monitor any potential criminal activities on these properties. For larger estates and residential communities, there would be a lot of movement as people would be visiting family, friends, and loved ones to share the love that comes with the Christmas spirit. This is a good opportunity for criminals to blend in, penetrate, and exploit vulnerable households. which necessitates the services of estate managers to prioritise the security and protection of every resident, and these can be guaranteed by hiring professional security personnel with exceptional experience and adequate knowledge to identify, monitor, control, and eliminate every potential crime and any related activity without affecting the peace and security of any residents within the environment. 


          Haringey Christmas security 

          If you are looking for private security guards for this Christmas holiday or a private local security guard company capable of providing bespoke security solutions for your specific requests, then Metropolitan Security Services is your first and best option for satisfaction. We ensure the safety and protection of local residents within their residential communities, in addition to providing the best solutions to protect businesses during holidays such as the festive season holiday season.

          Our expertise includes covering festive season events, so if you are looking to host local events in Haringey, look no further for event security guards. Whether you are planning a small or large event, we can assure you that security should not be one of your worries or concerns when you work with us. Get in touch now and consult for free with our local Haringey security experts for first-class, top-notch, bespoke security solutions. 

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            The Complete Guide to Business Security

            The Complete Guide to Business Security

            In this modern business world, the reality is that the success of every business is determined by both financial and tangible growth. For this reason, businesses must prioritise creating more income streams, generating more profits, and business expansion by all means necessary. since modern day businesses face heavy competition from similar businesses within their industries of operation. In order to survive, businesses must work around and outrun their competitors in every way possible on a daily basis. In simple terms, every business is tasked with handling, maintaining and overcoming multiple forces of pressure on a daily basis

            People are assigned to specific duties, positions, and roles, and their daily activities would structure the success and operations of any business organisation. The fact remains that the backbone of any business is characterised by human activities. These people are business owners, employees, and customers alike, while the success of every business is directly dependent on these people. In order to secure a business, you must prioritise the security of your employees and customers.

            Now with this being said, if any business is not protected or properly secured, that business is vulnerable to failure. Businesses without security and protection protocols in place are likely to lose a lot of valuable assets, personnel, and clients. In worst case scenarios, they are likely to collapse or be forced to shut down. If you are looking for the best ways to protect and secure your business while you focus on the growth and expansion of your business, then this guide is the perfect starting point. Alternately, you can consult with our business security experts for free, and they can help you with the implementation of every security and protection protocol required for your specific business model, which will spare you the trouble of going through losses, disruption, and possible shutdown brought about by leaving your business exposed to potential threats and harmful environments. Get in touch now! 


            Technological Devices

            One of the most common and effective practices used by companies to improve security on their properties and working premises is by making use of technological devices. This can be done by activating alarm systems, CCTV cameras, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, drone cameras, among others. Technological devices make it easy to detect, inspect, and monitor the security status of your business property at any time. But the fact still stands that with technological security devices alone, your business is only half-way secured, as there are certain actions and responses that need real human activity to guarantee 100% efficient security. 


            Besides, for technological security devices to perform at their best, they need constant checking and maintenance, and they must be operated by professional SIA-licensed security guards with every necessary certificate, skill, and experience required. The most effective way to ensure that your business is completely safe from any potential threat, risk, or danger is to implement a combination of both technological devices and security Personnel to protect your business. For more than 35 years, Metropolitan Security Services has been providing both commercial and residential security services to businesses in London, and organisations throughout the UK.  


            If you are looking for security guards with enough knowledge, skill, and experience to operate and work with any technological devices to ensure 100% protection and security of your business premises, then consult with our business security experts. 


            Manned Business Security Guards

            One of the greatest advantages of having manned business security guards at your premises, is that these security guards will serve as an extra eye for your business. Without inspection or close monitoring, employees often take advantage of working hours to attend to their personal needs. This can have a huge negative impact on your business’s daily productivity operations, but with the presence of manned business security guards at your workplace, means that you can protect your business from enduring losses brought by such employees’ misbehaviour.  


            Besides, manned business security guards are the best way to control and manage employee theft, vandalism, and resolve potential misunderstandings and disputes among employees and even customers. Since we have worked with multiple businesses operating in different industries. We know the importance of providing unique industry-specific security guards to every business. We have maintained our reputation for providing the best business security guards by working closely with each of our clients to provide bespoke security solutions, and we would be honored to extend such a relationship to every client willing to join the Metro Family in partnership. 


            24 Hour Protection And Immediate Response

            Now that you know how you can use technological security devices and manned security guards to improve the security of your business, the next step would be to partner up with a security guard company that serves your best interest and provides quality service for value. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best security provider for your business.  

            First, choose a private security company that can provide a 24-hour service. This means your business would be secure no matter what time of the day it is. The next thing to consider is the response time. How long does it take a security guard company to respond to your requests? These can be alarms or emergency security situations. Check whether the security provider has keyholding services, so that you won’t have to worry about waking up to respond to late-night call duties. Do they have alarm response services with immediate response to emergencies, even on short notice? Is the security guarding company of your choice going to offer mobile patrol services with emergency back-up security guards in case of an emergency. Professional dog handlers and canine security services may serve as an added advantage in the event of possible searches such as building searches, personal searches, crowd control, narcotic detection, evidence search, door supervision, and security patrol. 


            At Metropolitan Security Services, we offer a comprehensive range of security services. These include 24-hour security and immediate response to emergencies, even on short notice. SIA licensed security guards, manned business security guards, mobile patrol services, key holding and alarm response, lock and unlock services. canine security and dog handlers, among others. Despite this, this is an overview of the entire business security guide. Get in touch with our business security experts and get a unique complete guide for your specific business model. They will perform a detailed risk and security assessment, and advise on every necessary security measure required to secure and protect your business. 

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              Emergency Back Up Security

              Emergency Security Back up

              We understand how emergencies occur without any notification. That is why we always make sure that we provide 24-hour nationwide emergency backup security services. Metropolitan Security Services has been providing professional security guards and services to both individuals and businesses in the UK, while maintaining a reputation for quick response to every security emergency over the years. 

              Security Emergencies 

              What is a Security Emergency? 

              “A security emergency is any immediate situation which threatens or affects the safety of anyone or anything valuable.” 

              In most cases, security emergencies are unique and therefore require unique solutions to account for them. 

              For example,

              1.) Technical Security Difficulties 

              You are a business, your premises are protected by technical security systems, and then you encounter temporary technical challenges that might take some time to fix. This is a security emergency that requires security guards to safeguard your premises until the tech systems are back online. 

              2.) Material Assets 

              Let’s say you are in a business that deals in the storage of physical assets. Suddenly, there is an unexpected increase in assets coming. In business, you definitely need to secure these assets in safe hands, even on short notice. Our security guards are  among the most experienced in the industry. Their presence would guarantee that none of your assets would go missing. Despite these, security officers will inspect everything, doing some risk assessments to make sure that none of your assets are exposed to any physical damage. 

              3.-Vacant Properties 

              What if your property is going to be vacant for a few days or more because you have to attend to something important immediately? Then you will need an emergency backup security system. Besides, maybe you own vacant properties that may be vulnerable to illegal inhabitants, vandalism, and criminal activities like theft. It is necessary that you safeguard your property from any of these threats, which is a good reason why you need a vacant property inspection. 

              4.) Temporary Business Closure 

              You are temporarily closing your business for personal reasons and need to ensure that all of your assets are once again protected. You would need a temporary emergency security service. In some cases, besides a temporary business shutdown, you might be doing business in an area where big events are hosted from time to time, and we know that criminals sometimes take advantage of multitudes or events to carry out their dirty work on their targeted businesses, and you don’t want to be a victim of their activities. The presence of our security guards within your business would deter criminals away; likewise, they won’t have to make your business their next target of criminal activity. 

              Emergencies are unpredictable. 

              Most security emergencies are unpredictable; they occur at any time and place for any business or individual. As a result, we provide a 24-hour backup security service with a single phone call, and when you request any of our services, we respond immediately and without delay to cover you up and protect your interests. Considering that we have a nationwide presence, this is what makes it possible for us to respond to every security emergency with immediate action. There is always someone close by to take care of any security call you request. Even though most of these security situations are not similar, they vary from business to business, individual to individual, and place to place. That is why we consult with you and provide bespoke security solutions to secure all your interests. We hand pick specific security officers who would be the best fit for your security situation and requests. 

              Time is a limited resource. 

              Your time is valuable to us. Since time is a precious asset, we always ensure that not even a single second of your time gets wasted. When you work with us, we make no delays in responding to your requests. This might be because you are going through an emergency or all you need is a normal security service. Since every second counts, we make sure that you never go through unnecessary questions, calls, and procedures to get served. We prioritise time as an asset, so we only use your time to work on what matters to you the most. We secure assets, businesses, and properties, and your time is the first asset that comes first. All our services are designed to be time-effective while we guarantee you peace of mind. 

              Quality Service 

              All of our security officers are properly licensed and certified, and they all carry out their responsibilities in accordance with the recognised British standards. Our security guards take great pride in their demonstrated skills, impeccable appearance, polite demeanor, and capacity to handle even the most difficult security situations. We supply only officers that are presentable, helpful, and have strong interpersonal skills. Since security guards are often the first point of contact for most businesses, our security staff are proficient at performing the regular customer-facing duties and monitoring the security of your premises. We provide security services for clients in a wide range of sectors, including corporate offices, VIP bars and clubs, concert centers, commercial properties, theatres, and more. Security personnel can also serve as diplomats in client care. Our highly skilled SIA licensed individuals can manage the entrance to a building or act as a guard to manage access to a specific area. This may actually imply that your company and its customers have a substantial amount of collaboration. We offer business security or gatekeepers who offer to help customers find their way to certain locations. Additionally, these security officers are capable of accompanying customers and employees to their automobiles in the evening. 

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              The Perfect Partner

              The Perfect Partner

              If you are looking for the best solution for your company to be prosperous in the business world, then choosing a good partner would be one of the best ways to achieve this. Honestly, not every partnership is going to be profitable. Always avoid random, meaningless partnerships since these never benefit your business interests. But if you are looking for the best option to build a successful, secure business, Then you need the perfect partner.

              1. What is the perfect partner?
              1. How does my business benefit from the perfect partner?

              What is the perfect partner?

              The perfect partner is a business that works closely with your business with the aim of securing and protecting your interests from anything that threatens your business welfare.

              How does my business benefit from the perfect partner?


              Anything that damages, destroys, or threatens your assets and interests can directly cause a negative impact on the success of your business. It’s not a secret that every business in every industry is threatened by criminal activities like theft, break-ins, vandalism, and unmonitored situations. The sad truth is that these threats can lead to major setbacks: companies can collapse, and in some cases, a business might be forced to shut down. You don’t have to risk your business, company, or interests by being affected by these possible realities. That is why you need the perfect partner. Metropolitan Security Services is the perfect partner. Our primary goal is to secure your assets, defend your business, and protect your interests while you focus on making profits and growing your business.


              We provide security, protection, and defense.

              At Metropolitan Security Services, we understand that there is a difference between providing an ordinary service and bringing value to a business. This is why we meet with our clients to discuss their values and visions. This process allows us to provide customised services which are designed to meet every client’s request, since every client is unique. Likewise, every business requires a unique security service depending on which industry it is operating from. By providing diversified and unique services, this is what separates Metropolitan Security from the rest of the security service providers in the UK.

              We are the perfect partner.

              Our business is to secure your business. It is our responsibility to make sure your premises are kept safe at all times. Our mission is to ensure that criminals never target your assets as their next assignment. At Metropolitan Security Services, we can boldly say that our duty is to partner with your business on your journey to success. We listen to understand so that we can secure and protect your interests. Our services include:

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                Value Your Vision. Secure It.

                Value your vision. Secure It.

                Every business owner will agree with me that the success of every business is driven by a strong vision. Likewise, behind every vision there is a person who is strong and firm with a mission, someone who steers the company in the right direction. This is where we define a professional as someone who takes and makes decisions that benefit the business. You might be a business owner, partner, manager, leader, or employee. But as long as you are part of the decision making panel, I am talking to you.

                It is undeniable that your efforts, strategies, and hard work contributed to the business success. That is why we need to make sure you never risk losing all of these. We understand that assets of great value must be secured with a greater protection service. This is the major reason why, at Metropolitan Security Services, we do more than just watch over your premises; instead, we secure your vision. We have a variety of services to offer which can enhance the protection of your business and mission. We will meet with you, discuss, and understand your values. Then, from there, our mission would be to secure your interests. We make sure we organise customised services designed to meet your requests.

                We are more than just a service provider. We are a business partner who is dedicated to protecting your assets and safeguarding the future of your business. Remember, our business is to protect your business. This means we exist to help you and your business grow and move forward. Our duty is to ensure that you never suffer from setbacks. The reality that every business has to accept is that we live in a world where our interests are threatened and affected by theft, vandalism, and unmonitored disasters, which cause a huge negative impact on your business financial and physical assets. In other words, if you value your business, then you must secure it. Think of it this way, while you expand and build your business, we secure and protect what you have acquired.

                our vision

                Highly Trained, Experienced, and Insured SIA Licensed Officers

                We pride ourselves on having the most highly skilled and experienced team of SIA licensed officers in the UK. All our guards work with us full-time and are fully insured. We employ only those who have years of experience under their belt. More so, each personnel go through a rigorous vetting process before they join our team. We treat our guards humanly, offer them competitive benefits, and provide them with continuous security training to ensure they always meet your needs.

                Our 35+ years’ experience in offering security guard services stands us out in the industry. Over the years, we have worked with businesses in different sectors, including retail, construction, hospitality, education, warehousing, and more. When you work with our team, you will enjoy the peace of mind that you are working with the best security guard service provider in the UK.

                Our Security Guards Understand Customer Service

                We recognised that our SIA licensed security guards are often the first touchpoint for your employees, customers, and visitors, so we always ensure they possess strong interpersonal skills. Although our static security guards are very tough with intruders and crime perpetrators, you can be rest assured that they will always treat your guests and employees with the respect they deserve.


                Are You Ready To Discuss Your Security Needs?

                Please, get in touch with us now. One of our security experts will contact you to discuss how we can help you protect your premises from intruders and criminals. We are available nationwide and offer 24hour 365 days cover. Even with short notice, we can deploy our SIA licensed security guards to your site in the shortest time possible.  Contact us now! We offer FREE CONSULTATION.

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                Reasons Why You Need Security

                Security utilizes clear judgment to safeguard your business, resources, interests and Containing situations having highly experienced SIA licensed officers to protect your business or property makes it simpler to address and resolve  issues, and return the business to its standard tasks rapidly.

                Security take up a significant part in controlling infringement, keeping up with discipline in the working environment, and guaranteeing rules and guidelines are being adhered to. They can make a disciplinary move against violators and people getting rowdy. In huge groups, they keep everything under control and forestall the gamble of crowd battles, uproars, or smashed and messy lead.

                For example, security can help sort out and control circumstances, for example, huge occasions, representative, or to advance an overall feeling of request and wellbeing in corporate structures. The public has a solid sense of safety with security’s presence and is receptive to their direction.

                Security authorities offer an extra arrangements of eyes and ears reliably. Their presence is purposeful and specific in giving fast movement in an immense number of expected circumstances, from de-raising a situation to deterring enmity. Security creates situational care and stays aware of equilibrium.

                Without security, individuals often become smug and miss exceptional approach to acting of normal people, agents and others around them. Care is a constant development, and people need to settle on the best decision, so security coordinates a positive and proactive culture.

                The response of security is quick; consistently counts with regards to episode reaction. It is fundamental that the danger is found and remediated as fast as it can really be expected. Security is significant in overseeing what is going on while anticipating the appearance of the police or medical personnel in case of an emergency

                Similarly, security officers can be client-care diplomats. A highly experienced SIA licensed person can control a front work area or go about as a guard to control admittance to an area. This can truly mean that there is a significant measure of collaboration between your business and clients. Gatekeepers or security might have the option to assist in guiding individuals to track down items and get to the right area in a business. security guards can likewise be available as escorts for clients and workers to get to their vehicles in the evening.


                The security services provided by Metropolitan Security Services will not only protect you from outside attacks but also monitor your employees working there.

                Security guards monitor and protect your assets from outside unethical elements as well as your employees, who might get tempted by something valuable.

                A variety of advanced techniques are used for optimum resource management and the least amount of disturbance for workers. 

                our security services ensure that employees are working in a safe environment. Employees might get into disagreements that may result in serious fights if they are not resolved quickly. Our guards will keep an eye on that.

                Our security officials also keep an eye on the assets flow in your organization, preventing any kind of embezzlement from the employees.

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