The Perfect Partner

The Perfect Partner

If you are looking for the best solution for your company to be prosperous in the business world, then choosing a good partner would be one of the best ways to achieve this. Honestly, not every partnership is going to be profitable. Always avoid random, meaningless partnerships since these never benefit your business interests. But if you are looking for the best option to build a successful, secure business, Then you need the perfect partner.

  1. What is the perfect partner?
  1. How does my business benefit from the perfect partner?

What is the perfect partner?

The perfect partner is a business that works closely with your business with the aim of securing and protecting your interests from anything that threatens your business welfare.

How does my business benefit from the perfect partner?


Anything that damages, destroys, or threatens your assets and interests can directly cause a negative impact on the success of your business. It’s not a secret that every business in every industry is threatened by criminal activities like theft, break-ins, vandalism, and unmonitored situations. The sad truth is that these threats can lead to major setbacks: companies can collapse, and in some cases, a business might be forced to shut down. You don’t have to risk your business, company, or interests by being affected by these possible realities. That is why you need the perfect partner. Metropolitan Security Services is the perfect partner. Our primary goal is to secure your assets, defend your business, and protect your interests while you focus on making profits and growing your business.


We provide security, protection, and defense.

At Metropolitan Security Services, we understand that there is a difference between providing an ordinary service and bringing value to a business. This is why we meet with our clients to discuss their values and visions. This process allows us to provide customised services which are designed to meet every client’s request, since every client is unique. Likewise, every business requires a unique security service depending on which industry it is operating from. By providing diversified and unique services, this is what separates Metropolitan Security from the rest of the security service providers in the UK.

We are the perfect partner.

Our business is to secure your business. It is our responsibility to make sure your premises are kept safe at all times. Our mission is to ensure that criminals never target your assets as their next assignment. At Metropolitan Security Services, we can boldly say that our duty is to partner with your business on your journey to success. We listen to understand so that we can secure and protect your interests. Our services include:

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    Value Your Vision. Secure It.

    Value your vision. Secure It.

    Every business owner will agree with me that the success of every business is driven by a strong vision. Likewise, behind every vision there is a person who is strong and firm with a mission, someone who steers the company in the right direction. This is where we define a professional as someone who takes and makes decisions that benefit the business. You might be a business owner, partner, manager, leader, or employee. But as long as you are part of the decision making panel, I am talking to you.

    It is undeniable that your efforts, strategies, and hard work contributed to the business success. That is why we need to make sure you never risk losing all of these. We understand that assets of great value must be secured with a greater protection service. This is the major reason why, at Metropolitan Security Services, we do more than just watch over your premises; instead, we secure your vision. We have a variety of services to offer which can enhance the protection of your business and mission. We will meet with you, discuss, and understand your values. Then, from there, our mission would be to secure your interests. We make sure we organise customised services designed to meet your requests.

    We are more than just a service provider. We are a business partner who is dedicated to protecting your assets and safeguarding the future of your business. Remember, our business is to protect your business. This means we exist to help you and your business grow and move forward. Our duty is to ensure that you never suffer from setbacks. The reality that every business has to accept is that we live in a world where our interests are threatened and affected by theft, vandalism, and unmonitored disasters, which cause a huge negative impact on your business financial and physical assets. In other words, if you value your business, then you must secure it. Think of it this way, while you expand and build your business, we secure and protect what you have acquired.

    our vision

    Highly Trained, Experienced, and Insured SIA Licensed Officers

    We pride ourselves on having the most highly skilled and experienced team of SIA licensed officers in the UK. All our guards work with us full-time and are fully insured. We employ only those who have years of experience under their belt. More so, each personnel go through a rigorous vetting process before they join our team. We treat our guards humanly, offer them competitive benefits, and provide them with continuous security training to ensure they always meet your needs.

    Our 35+ years’ experience in offering security guard services stands us out in the industry. Over the years, we have worked with businesses in different sectors, including retail, construction, hospitality, education, warehousing, and more. When you work with our team, you will enjoy the peace of mind that you are working with the best security guard service provider in the UK.

    Our Security Guards Understand Customer Service

    We recognised that our SIA licensed security guards are often the first touchpoint for your employees, customers, and visitors, so we always ensure they possess strong interpersonal skills. Although our static security guards are very tough with intruders and crime perpetrators, you can be rest assured that they will always treat your guests and employees with the respect they deserve.


    Are You Ready To Discuss Your Security Needs?

    Please, get in touch with us now. One of our security experts will contact you to discuss how we can help you protect your premises from intruders and criminals. We are available nationwide and offer 24hour 365 days cover. Even with short notice, we can deploy our SIA licensed security guards to your site in the shortest time possible.  Contact us now! We offer FREE CONSULTATION.

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    Reasons Why You Need Security

    Security utilizes clear judgment to safeguard your business, resources, interests and Containing situations having highly experienced SIA licensed officers to protect your business or property makes it simpler to address and resolve  issues, and return the business to its standard tasks rapidly.

    Security take up a significant part in controlling infringement, keeping up with discipline in the working environment, and guaranteeing rules and guidelines are being adhered to. They can make a disciplinary move against violators and people getting rowdy. In huge groups, they keep everything under control and forestall the gamble of crowd battles, uproars, or smashed and messy lead.

    For example, security can help sort out and control circumstances, for example, huge occasions, representative, or to advance an overall feeling of request and wellbeing in corporate structures. The public has a solid sense of safety with security’s presence and is receptive to their direction.

    Security authorities offer an extra arrangements of eyes and ears reliably. Their presence is purposeful and specific in giving fast movement in an immense number of expected circumstances, from de-raising a situation to deterring enmity. Security creates situational care and stays aware of equilibrium.

    Without security, individuals often become smug and miss exceptional approach to acting of normal people, agents and others around them. Care is a constant development, and people need to settle on the best decision, so security coordinates a positive and proactive culture.

    The response of security is quick; consistently counts with regards to episode reaction. It is fundamental that the danger is found and remediated as fast as it can really be expected. Security is significant in overseeing what is going on while anticipating the appearance of the police or medical personnel in case of an emergency

    Similarly, security officers can be client-care diplomats. A highly experienced SIA licensed person can control a front work area or go about as a guard to control admittance to an area. This can truly mean that there is a significant measure of collaboration between your business and clients. Gatekeepers or security might have the option to assist in guiding individuals to track down items and get to the right area in a business. security guards can likewise be available as escorts for clients and workers to get to their vehicles in the evening.


    The security services provided by Metropolitan Security Services will not only protect you from outside attacks but also monitor your employees working there.

    Security guards monitor and protect your assets from outside unethical elements as well as your employees, who might get tempted by something valuable.

    A variety of advanced techniques are used for optimum resource management and the least amount of disturbance for workers. 

    our security services ensure that employees are working in a safe environment. Employees might get into disagreements that may result in serious fights if they are not resolved quickly. Our guards will keep an eye on that.

    Our security officials also keep an eye on the assets flow in your organization, preventing any kind of embezzlement from the employees.

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    When You Think Of Security, Who Do You Call?

    When You Think Of Security Who Do You Call ?

    Consider this: your security isn’t only about someone keeping an eye on you or checking over your property. This is something I can assure you of. There is a lot of benefit in having security services on hand, but before you call for protection, ask yourself these questions.

    1. You’ve put in a lot of effort to obtain your property and possessions. Are you prepared to take the chance of losing everything in the blink of an eye?
    2. Your assets will define your financial future. Are you willing to put your future on the line?
    3. What is the most important thing to you? Who is in charge of safeguarding it? Is it sufficiently safe?
    The most important question is: who can you trust to protect your best interests?
    1)Highly Trained, Experienced, and Insured SIA Licensed Officers

    We pride ourselves on having the most highly skilled and experienced team of SIA licensed officers in the UK. All our guards work with us full-time and are fully insured. We only employ those who have years of experience under their belt. Furthermore, each member of our team goes through a rigorous vetting process before they join our team. We treat our guards humanly, offer them competitive benefits, and provide them with continuous security training to ensure they always meet your needs.

    Security officers serve as a visual and physical deterrent to criminal activity. Even one officer present will significantly cut crime rates and lessen the probability of an offender causing injury. When security officers discover someone causing disturbance on your property, they can swiftly intercept and stop the offender. A security guard’s primary role is to keep people safe. A security guard’s constant presence is often enough to deter crooks and avert incidents. People appreciate security guards’ presence, and making them feel at ease and safe may be rewarding.


    Professional working dog teams are faster and more precise than any other ways in performing a variety of tasks. As a result, these teams are quite beneficial to your security demands.  Dogs are used to assist humans in many different situations. Our Handlers use dogs to help track down and apprehend suspected criminals.

    Our canines have been bred and trained precisely to deal with break-ins. In many cases, the simple presence of a guard dog is enough to deter attempted break-ins. A protection dog will disable the intruder and hold them at bay until our dog handlers can take control of the situation. Our guard dogs, on the other hand, will continue to scour your property for any signs of illegal activity.

    We provide best in class canine security services using highly-trained K9s and licensed dog handlers. Our professional handlers and canines have years of experience under their belt and can provide the highest quality of security protection for private clients and businesses. All our dog handlers have NTIPDU certifications, and our security dogs are fully trained to provide personal and property security protection.


    Free consultations are available with our expert advisors. They are delighted to talk with you and advise you on which security requirements are most appropriate for your needs.


      Our alarm response service is quick and organised, allowing for instant danger reduction and resolution. Our staff are well-trained, and we enjoy good working ties with local law enforcement. Never expose anyone to potential danger.  Let our professionals handle it. We offer complete alarm response services in the United Kingdom for both business and residential properties. No matter what time or where you are, our SIA-licensed personnel can respond to your activated alarms and rush to your site. Retail stores, warehouses, industrial sites, corporate parks, offices, and other businesses are among the clients we serve. Metropolitan Security Services is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and provides countrywide coverage.

      4) Mobile Patrol

      Mobile security patrols are becoming a more popular and effective method of guarding business facilities since they provide the benefits of having a physical and responsive presence. Mobile patrols are always on the go, travelling throughout the site in search of odd activities. As a result, they are continually on the lookout for criminal activities on the premises and are prepared to intervene if necessary. Professional security guards that patrol an area at irregular intervals may considerably increase your security. This is due to the fact that criminals and offenders prefer to do their crimes when no one is there. Even if you aren’t on the premises, you can trust on the mobile patrol security professionals to keep an eye on things. All of our mobile security guards are SIA qualified, insured, and trained to handle any security issue, even tense situations. If an incident arises, you can be certain that our mobile patrol security services professionals are well trained to handle the situation quickly and effectively.

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      How Metropolitan Security Services may be able to fight with Fire

      On 14th of June, 2017, a fire broke in the Grenfell towers, located in North Kensington, London. The high-rise acted as residential block for civilians and was located in a densely populated area. The fire encompassed the building completely and resulted in 72 accounted deaths and more than 70 who were injured. This accident was a severe tragedy for the entire United Kingdom and was the biggest civil/residential accident that has occurred since World War 2. The fire resulted in heavy casualties and financial burden upon its residents who had to be relocated and rehabilitated. The fire was controlled after an excruciating 60 hours of effort which included over 250 firemen of the London brigade and over 70 fire-engines that had taken part in the extinguishing efforts made by the authorities. From the accident apart which resulted in civil loss, a lot of aftermath occurrences also took part which included legislative and municipal changes within the law of London crafted to prevent such accidents from taking place in the future. One of these authorities, Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organization (KCTMO) also published a safety risk assessment report indicted by the GAG which pointed multiple points of failure for the building in-case of such disasters and yet still the accident claimed over 70 lives. In the initial assessment by the fire investigation report carried out by the relevant authorities, it was found that the cladding that was installed during the renovation of the Grenfell towers actually acted as a fuel for the fire to burn and apart from the cladding, the insulation also caught fire and added a significant amount of fuel to the fire. The cladding used was a two-coil coated aluminum sheet with a polythene core in between. Aftermath In the after math of the disaster, a lot of people were displaced and multiple investigations came into play with much changes in the general protocol of residential housing complexes such as Grenfell towers. The aftermath also saw the deployment of fire-marshals to nearby residential blocks as preventive measure for future accidents. This job can also be undertaken by trained professionals who are certified to undertake such responsibilities. The main cause of the fire was a faulty fridge located on the 4th floor of the Grenfell tower which malfunctioned and caused a fire in its place. The malfunction was reportedly caused by electrical surges in the entire building as it was reported by the residents upon further inquiries. The fire broke out from the fridge/freezer and escaped towards the outer end of the building where the cladding and insulation was located and used the cladding and insulation as a platform or fuel and encompassed the entire building in high-temperature flames. Prior to this disaster, the GAG (Grenfell Action Group) also pointed out major flaws in the building’s infrastructure and commented that in case of a fire, it would be hard for people to escape and that is what exactly happened. What followed was a series of events ranging from civil ethical malpractice and several criminal investigations being opened in-order to identify the culprits whose inappropriate work caused this disaster in the first place. A lot of 999 calls were received and apart from the 72 dead, 8 additional people claimed insurance by playing the victim card when they were not involved in the accident or had suffered in any way possible. The criminal investigations were put under inquiry in the name of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organization (KCTMO). But due to processing time and the vast area of investigations, the results were not be brought forward until 2021. In the light of this event, a lot of people reported mental and physical trauma which they had to suffer as an aftermath of the event, and similarly a lot of residents were displaced and had to be rehabilitated which was done by presenting amnesties for migrants who may have been residents in the tower. Furthermore, in the aftermath of the disaster, 72 people died, the building was completely rendered useless at the moment and 3 other residential blocks lost access to hot water as a conjoined boiler that serves as a plant for hot water was also destroyed in the fire.  How Metropolitan Security Services may be able to aid in such scenarios Metropolitan Security Services has a wide range of operatives and professional officers who are specifically trained for such scenarios and undertake regular check-ups of building where they can provide a complete and comprehensive list of faults and if or any event occurs which may unfold into such a disaster, the officers may be able to stop/report it in time and prevent such disasters which may result in the loss of precious lives and financial damage to the state and owners of the property.
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      Mobile Patrol Security

      Metropolitan Security is a leading supplier of all types of security, including mobile patrols. A type of commercial security, mobile patrols are highly effective and a great option for all types of businesses, but few recognise the value in hiring mobile patrol officers because they’re not entirely sure what they actually do.

      If you’re not sure what a mobile patrol officer is or how mobile patrols can help your business, keep reading as we explain in-depth everything you need to know about this form of security.

      What is Mobile Patrol Security?

      Firstly, it’s important to understand exactly what mobile patrols are. Mobile patrol security is a type of commercial security that involves an officer moving around your premises, signing in at various checkpoints as they perform physical inspections to ensure there is no damage, vandalism, or suspicious activity.

      Mobile patrol officers typically work in conjunction with other forms of security, including CCTV cameras, alarms and floodlights.

      Why are Mobile Patrols Necessary?

      If your property already has a high-quality CCTV system and alarms fitted, you could well be wondering why mobile patrols are necessary. Well, CCTV cameras can only see so far. Whilst we always recommend them, they do have blind spots, and not all criminals are deterred by cameras alone.

      As well as opportunist criminals, career criminals also operate and tend to target commercial properties. They are well versed in getting around security systems, and many are not put off by cameras for multiple reasons. Firstly, CCTV tends to be used after an incident has already occurred as a reactive tool. It doesn’t stop criminals in the act, and even if the cameras are being monitored, it still takes time for officers to be deployed.

      Secondly, many companies have security cameras installed, but they are not always in working order. This is something criminals pick up on, meaning even if there are cameras mounted around the premises, some thieves and vandals won’t feel threatened by them.

      The physical presence of a mobile patrol officer is a deterrent like no other. Officers are trained to be proactive rather than reactive, meaning if they do witness suspicious activity, they are trained to professionally diffuse the situation and prevent any further damage from being inflicted. Criminals are far less likely to strike if a physical guard is present, meaning mobile patrol officers are among the most effective security deterrents available to you.

      What do Mobile Patrols Entail?

      You might be wondering what a security officer does when they undertake a mobile patrol. Unlike stationary guards you’re used to seeing at the doors of shops and entertainment venues, mobile officers actively move around the property.

      During our consultation with you, we will determine the routes that will benefit from routine checks the most. We will devise several routes, ensuring they are followed on a sporadic basis so that no patterns can be identified by undesirables seeking to establish patterns so they can best devise a way to get around the system.

      Routes will be patrolled throughout the night – when your property is most vulnerable to attacks. Internal and external routes can be taken, and more than one guard may be employed depending on the size of the property.

      Checkpoints can be installed along the routes so that a log is kept of the officer attending the property and at what time they completed their check. The checks in question will entail keeping an eye out for any signs of suspicious activity, as well as assessing the general perimeter.

      Officers will look at doors and windows to spot signs of forced entry or compromised locks, and they will even look at plants and flowerbeds for footprints or other tell-tale signs of suspicious activity.

      Who are Mobile Patrols Suited to?

      If you are a business owner and have commercial premises that you want to keep secure, mobile patrols are an option for you. From warehouses and manufacturing plants to construction sites and shopping centres, there is no commercial property that mobile security patrols can’t work for.

      We often recommend mobile patrols for clients who want to employ a security guard but who don’t have the budget for a full-time officer. Mobile patrols are a more cost-effective approach to manned security, making them a more accessible option.

      Why Choose Metropolitan Security for Mobile Patrols? 

      There are endless options for mobile patrols, so why should you choose Metropolitan Security? Firstly, we have more than 35 years of experience in mobile patrols. This means our processes are extremely refined and we are among the most trustworthy and reliable security companies in the UK.

      Secondly, all our officers are SIA approved. This means they are licensed by the Security Industry Authority, guaranteeing they are familiar with the most recent processes and protocols, and that they are professionally trained to diffuse situations should they arise.

      In addition to the SIA license training our officers to undertake, we also have a team of supervisors who further train our officers to ensure they meet our exceptionally high standards.

      Get in Touch with Metropolitan Security

      If you would like to find out more about mobile patrols, our processes, and how we might be able to help you, please get in touch with our team.

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      K-9 Units and their benefits/importance

      What is a K-9 Unit?

      K-9 Units generally refer to a squad of LEAs (Law Enforcement Agencies) consisting of a number of ‘canines (CA = K, NINE = 9)’ or dogs specially trained to tackle people and take down suspects and are often trained to seek and locate potential drugs. These units are widely successful as the abilities of both humans and animals come together, These K-9 units usually make use of dogs that have predatory behavior and are sort-of thought as aggressive, these units include the types of dogs such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers (for special applications), Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, Bloodhounds and Labrador Retrievers (Used mainly for assistance in drug-busting and explosive detection operations). These types are generally chosen as a K-9 mainly due to the special abilities these dogs may offer.

      K-9 in Security-Related Operations

      Since it is established as a ground fact that K-9 dogs are tactfully beneficial in providing aid in public service, their area of use has widely expanded since then. The use of K-9s in security firms have proved to be very fruitful since these units can assist in ground-clearing, human tracking and patrol applications which also serve as one of the main services any security firm offers.

      According to the National Police Dog Foundation, there are various types of K-9 units depending on their area of work, some can be used for detecting drugs, some for detecting explosives while others can be trained for patrol purposes, a K-9 Unit can only be trained for any one application at a time either it be detection or patrol.

      Source: NPDF. (2020, 7 30). About K-9s. Retrieved from National Police Dog Foundation:

      Services of K-9s in our field of work

      Now that it is clear that security firms most commonly make use of K-9s specially trained for patrol applications, here is how our security firm intends to use K-9 units to boost and upgrade our services that we provide to our customers.

      Quick-Reach Application:

      Since a chunk of our services include patrolling operations of private and enclosed areas, often burglars or trespassers that have breached the area without permission are quick to notice the patrols and tend to flee, chasing operations on foot are not as viable and a running officer cannot catch a trespasser as quickly as a running and specially trained dog can. The average running speed of a human is approximately 13.5 km/h whereas a dog can run up to speeds of 30 km/h, a running dog can catch up with a running trespasser 2 times as quickly as compared to a security officer and hence K-9 units are beneficial for such applications and scenarios.

      Similarly, as mentioned above that dogs that quicker and more flexible than humans in such conditions, they can also navigate narrow and restrictive areas with much speed and agility, potentially eliminating the chances of fleeing for the trespasser or such violator of rules. These K-9 units generally increase the reach and grab ability of the officers and guards by a significant amount.

      Area Clearance

      K-9 patrol units, since they have the ability to track down the scent of humans and locate them can be very beneficial in applications where security firms are required to clear out an area or to secure a premises in no-entry hours, to detect trespassers and vagrants from areas such as closed-off construction sites, private parks and enclosed/fenced properties, K-9 units can do the job quicker by centralizing and shortening the sphere of search for the officers and locating the suspect instead of officers having to look at each and every corner and crevice to locate such trespassers.

      It is a well-established fact that dogs have much greater smelling capability than that of humans, a dog approximately has 300 million receptors that detect smells while there are only 6 million in humans, dogs have roughly 50x greater smelling capability as compared to an average human and this capability allows them to differentiate between the smells of different humans and allows them to differentiate between their handler and a distant trespasser.


      K-9 units are very obedient to their handlers or ‘masters’, this allows for a special use where these units under the supervision of a handler can be used to close-off a premise for unwanted people, these units do require some training in order to identify who is a threat and who is not but with adequate training these units can be used to secure private functions, sites, meetings and areas that prohibit entry of outsiders.

      There is a common misconception that these units sometimes harm people they are not supposed to and that only happens when the dog is overly-aggressive or the handler didn’t take certain precautions to ready the dog for such applications, our security firm have specialized officers who have specially trained to handle such dogs and know how to control them under a certain situation. Hence, eliminating the element of these K-9 units being a source of harm for anyone.


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      Metropolitan Security Services Limited

      Industrial & Business Communal Watch:

      Community watch is usually donned as an added security measure for neighborhoods and small communities that want to add an extra layer of protection for the safety of their homes and the entire neighborhoods. Although, our Industrial & Business Communal Watch service is aimed at the areas where many residential houses are situated & businesses operate out of and are considered as a valuable target for crooks and criminals. Our service provides a similar but advanced form of a communal watch for these areas with professional features that add to the security of the area and ensures the safety of interests of the business owners and residents.


      During the 1960s in America, the communal watch or ‘communal crime watch’ services became common due to the increase in crime rates and so the National Sheriff’s Association introduced a program that allowed citizens and residents to be more involved with the authorities and help them decrease the crime rate by patrolling the neighborhoods and reporting suspicious activities of crime to which the authorities would swiftly respond.

      Source: NSA. (2005). Neighborhood Watch Manual. Retrieved from Department of Justice Official Web:

       About our Service:

      Metropolitan Security Services offer a crime watch service similar to the communal neighborhood watch but aimed for industrial areas that also consist of residential houses, our professionally trained team of guards and security personnel will provide the communal watch services 7 nights a week which is all monitored and controlled by our central control center directly involved with the relevant authorities.


      Is it reliable?

      Most often, communal watch practices attract the skeptical eye to the topic of whether if these practices yield any fruit or not? Well, to answer that question, Garry Thomas, who conducted a research on the topic whether if a communal crime watch is a viable practice for industrial areas or not, writes in their research paper that “The main findings of the research suggest that it is a good security management strategy for industrial estates because it significantly increases risk communication and develops a safety culture amongst members.” (Thomas, 1999). Apart from the general validation, our services offer a personalized and centrally controlled watch system where trained and licensed security personnel will visit the site of watch every night and record/report any suspicious activity which will be instantly addressed by the relevant authorities.

      Source: Thomas, G. (1999, 1). Business Watch as an Effective Security Management Strategy for Industrial Estates: Reality or Mythology? Security Journal, 12, 53–62. doi:10.1057/


      Why should anyone choose 3rd party security services?

      There is often a topic of debate along the lines of “Why is there a need to hire a 3rd party communal watch when we can just do it ourselves?”. The most important aspect here that 3rd party organisations present is the fact that security organisations have a much more trained and professionally capable team of security guards and security personnel that can tackle a certain security breach by knowing what to do and when to do. Sometimes there are situations that require a certain amount of professionalism to tackle otherwise they could pose a threat to neighborhood safety and inflict avoidable tragedies, and to properly tackle them, a trained team of individuals is required in the absence of proper authorities; this is the main reason driving force and justification to hire a 3rd party communal watch for high-priority business areas.



      Why Metropolitan Security Services?

      While offering the basic services of communal watch, one might ask “Why should we choose this (our) service over others?” The answer to that question lies in our professionalism and the incorporation of modern technology that we use to certify our client’s interest’s safety and security. We offer 7 nights a week patrol with our professionally trained, certified, and licensed personnel in the selected area, our personnel have keen eyes and are on the look-out for abnormal or suspicious activities that might go un-noticed by the random eye. In case of any suspicious report or sighting, our personnel issue an alert to our centralized control center which then alerts the relevant authorities, this process might seem a bit lengthy but it takes a fraction of time to execute and protect the interests of our clients. If the sighting or activity is minor, our personnel is trained to tackle such situations.

      Service Fee & Rates:

      Typically, these sorts of professional services are only affordable by larger organizations & businesses, although to make things easy financially, we have incorporated a shared fees plan where all the protected business in the area can contribute to the fee without burdening any single entity, fees and rates are dependent on the size of the business area or an individual business.

      The service is not limited to any specific size range and can cover a vast area with perfect control, keyholding is also provided free of cost to all the members with only the callouts being payable. Security signage is also included within the service.



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      What makes a good security officer in the UK?

      The term “Security Officer” is much more complex than that of a “Security Guard”, security officers are supposed to engage in a wide variety of tasks whereas a security guard supposedly “holds” a post. There is a growing demand for security officers in the UK who are tasked with patrolling, checking, securing premises, equipment and inspection of various elements under their horizon. A sharp set of skills rather than uniqueness is what makes a security officer stand out from others because a big part of their job involves protecting their employer’s interests. Following are some elements that makes a security officer stand out from others: Proper Certification: Proper certification by the relevant authorities allows the security officer to be officially proficient in their trade, various certifications depict that a security officer is fit to perform his/her duties and can be employed by various employers. One of the most common licenses a security officer must have is a SIA license which certifies that a security officer is fit for the job is adequately eligible! Without proper certification and SIA license a security officer is cannot carry out his/her tasks. Proper Training and Knowledge of Operations: How can one be called a “security officer” if he/she doesn’t know what they are supposed to do? This is why proper training is a mandatory aspect of being a security officer, a good security officer not only secures the certification of training but aces it. Proper training is also required by the law and serves as the most defining aspect on the list of traits of a good security officer. Communication Skills: Often Security Officers are faced with a situation that is caused by simple lack of communications or gaps in communication, A good security officer is proficient in communicating with the general public in a precise and smooth manner without causing literary barriers. Communication also plays a role in following instructions; a good security officer always knows how to deal/follow/absorb instructions from their employers or superiors. Good communication adds a plus point in the abilities of an ideal security officer and allows them to carry out their tasks efficiently and accurately. Sharpness: By the term sharpness, It is referred to alertness and having a precise eye in all quadrants, a good security officer has his eyes peeled on his/her objective and this skill plays a great role in defining their occupations and protecting their employer’s interests from potential threats which may not be visible to the normal eye. A good security officer is always aware of his/her surroundings. Agility: Agility serves a very important role in the routine of a security officer, sometimes their occupation may require them to jump, run and scale some obstacles to protect what they are supposed to protect. A good security officer is always full of stamina and ready to handle various trespassing/violation of rules related situations that may be faced by these officers. Agility also contributes in maintaining the health of these security officers allowing them to be more physically active.  
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      Looking for a new home and worried about the current condition of the property you want to buy

      Looking for a new home and worried about the current condition of the property you want to buy? Looking for a professional’s eye in the matter? Metropolitan Security Services Ltd. provides one of the best, quick, and cheapest vacant building inspection (VPI) services available, we provide reliable services on short-notice and aim to satisfy our consumers with what THEY want. Many properties in London are prone to attract damaging elements to themselves such as deterioration, pipeline hazards from prolonged abandonment, oil and gas leakages, security issues such as deteriorated or improper fencing caused by non-existent maintenance and threats of invasion or break-ins due to broken windows and unwanted entrances. Vacant Building Inspection is a process where we will check every single entity and element of the abandoned property you are willing to buy or even if it’s a regular-checkup, VPI service ensures that your properties are safe and secure before you decide to do anything with them or move-in with your family. Many reports have suggested that in the past, many home-owners reported severe damage to domestic services like gas and electricity connections and some had oil and gas hazards which can prove to be extremely dangerous for the tenants and the surroundings, we (Metropolitan Security Services Ltd.) provide VPI services for as low as £10 a visit which includes various services in the package whose reports will be forwarded electronically within 24 hours or less, providing our esteemed consumers with agile and reliable service. Following is the detailed information about our services in the VPI sector: External Inspection: External inspections include all the elements that relate to the outside environment of the property. Threats/attempts of breach: Many properties are often prone to breaches by burglars and people with evil intentions to scavenge the abandoned property, we check the premises all around the house to ensure that there have been no attempts to breach the property by burglars or other entities. If any such case is identified, our professionals are required to report it immediately. This checkup also includes the threat of aggressive animals taking shelter in the abandoned property who may have gotten access via a broken window or an opening somewhere in the house, this is also checked and reported in the check-list provided to our consumers. Vandalism: Many properties are prone to vandalism in the form of graffiti art on private property, these are also marked and reported back to the owners of the property in a structed form. Fencing/External doors and gates: Fencing is also observed to determine its state and the level of deterioration and if it may require maintenance or overall replacement, this is done because fencing serves as an essential part of the external surroundings of a certain property. Similarly, external gates are also checked to determine their condition similar to fencing and whether they require replacement or maintenance. Roof tiles/gutters and such openings: This area of inspection is inclined towards checking the roof tiles which can pose a risk of falling/sliding if not maintained over a long period of time, this is checked thoroughly throughout the roof. External gutters and drainage pipes leading from the roof downwards are inspected and examined for any sort of blockage that may be temporary or require professional cleansing. Meter Readings: All the concurrent meters of water, electricity and gas are observed and readings are jotted and delivered to the home-owners in the final report. Internal Inspection: Chemical Hazards: Chemical hazards such as oil and gas leakages that may prove to be dangerous and/or fatal to the human life are thoroughly inspected around the house with state-of-the-art equipment and if found, they are marked accordingly in the house and reported as a higher-priority in the final electronic report. Chemical hazards include all sort of hazardous materials and are not limited to just oil and gas. Rooms and Quarters: Rooms and quarters in a property are individually inspected to mark out various elements that may depict signs of deterioration and/or non-existent maintenance, these include check-up of several elements such as intact walls, conditions of doors and windows, heating and air conditioning units, seepage from walls/roof and other general elements that may have an impact on the property. Cellars/Basements: Cellars or basements alike are checked for water leakages and whether they are dry or not, either of the conditions are reported in the check list is then finalized and sent off electronically to the consumer of our service. Utility Services: Making sure the utility services are off can save the owner of the property a ton of trouble, utility services like electricity, water, and gas are checked to identify whether they are off or not. Either of the cases are mentioned in the report and will be delivered to our esteemed consumer within 24 hours. All the above services stated are performed by experienced professionals excelling in their field of work. We, Metropolitan Security Services Ltd. Ensure a bond of trust with our client based upon the quality of services we provide for as low as £10 per visit.
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